Across the Bridge

I don’t know your name

The secrets of your heart

The pain inside

That you hide

I don’t know your age

The heaviness of your past

Through my lens

I identify

Serious darkness

Invisible scars

I don’t know who you are

What your dreams are made of

Or whether the stars


On your side of the globe

Through my lens

I can see

Terrible tragedies

Keeping you away

From being free

I don’t know your name

I only crossed your gaze

The other day

From the other side of the bridge

My own place of safety



14 thoughts on “Across the Bridge

  1. I just hope no one is hurt and no more tragedies in this universe but… I also know that this is impossible :(, this is the ugly truth of this world. But we cannot stop ourselves from at least…. DREAMING.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It may be possible, one day, I hope Amira. I hope one day people will understand only love matters. The rest has no importance. Let’s all hope – together we have more power.
      Stay well.


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