I need “help” and that’s ok @WMB


As far back as I can remember I always had a clear idea of what a strong woman is and how she should behave. A strong woman would do whatever she could to have all situations under control, would not need help and would not ask for it either, would manage on her own and would succeed alone.

This was before. Before what?

Before I had no other choice than say “I need help”. I need help to go through the day. I need help to wake up, stand up and live. I need help to overcome my fears, doubts. I need help to love my child. I need help to face past memories. I need help to rebuild my life. I need help to forgive. I need help to love myself.

And my idea of what a strong woman is changed.

We often think that asking for help is a proof of our inability to face life and its challenges.

If you ask mums, friends, people around you, I bet that the answer you’ll hear most of the time will be something like this “I don’t want to ask for help. I’m fine. I’ll deal with it like a big girl”.

Why can’t “being a big girl” and “asking for help” go together? Why do we, women, mums, think that if we ask for help, people will consider us failures?



8 thoughts on “I need “help” and that’s ok @WMB

  1. Hi Marie,
    Your idea of a strong woman is perfect but remember we all have imperfections and we have to deal with them and if we need help, if we feel broken at times, it is just natural. Life is like that…it can never be smooth. It is like the sky and the earth, which change their moods and colors. Seeking help makes us human, seeking help makes us stronger and yes, there are people around us who are kind and loving. Please go out and see…we have loving friends and I am proud to be one of those. Stay strong dear friend and feel blessed. Love and hugs 🙂

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    1. Dear Balroop, thank you for your wise words. I am slowly learning to accept my imperfections…
      We can only appreciate good times if we’d experience tough ones. Or we’d never be able to make the difference between both.
      I am glad to have you and my faithful readers as friends. You are precious to me. And many more I know.
      Stay well and safe always so you can keepi inspiring us Balroop.

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