Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s about time.

On your side of the world you are getting ready.

To celebrate Thanksgiving

And I wish

You Love

Much love

Shared with the ones

You Love

And a good meal on the table

Kisses and snuggles

And I want to thank you

For being wonderful

For being you

For your words

I cherish them

And your light

It touches my heart

Thank you

For your friendship

Your kindness

Thank you

For never giving up

For showing me

It’s all about


It’s all about

Acknowledging our power

And living life fully

Eyes wide open

And letting our hearts

Meet others hearts

Finding peace

In chaotic hours

Thank you

For showing me the way

And telling me that

Being proud

Is not a weakness

But a way to

Celebrate human life

And God’s creation

May you have blessed day

May you have a wonderful day!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Thank you dear Marie…for your beautiful words and wishes, for understanding and supporting, for visiting Emotional Shadows, for offering lovely reflections, for your kindness and love. You are awesome and brave and please be yourself. May your days be filled with love and light. With love and hugs, Happy Thanksgiving.

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