Carrousel Lights


Lights afar

The wind carries a melodious sound

Old song

Taking me back in time

Three years old

Little girl

Swirling around

Talking alone


Three years old

Little boy

Smiling back

At the little girl

Living inside

Lights afar

The wind carries a melodious sound

The Carrousel set into motion

Sweet memories passing by


10 thoughts on “Carrousel Lights

  1. Dear Marie

    I hope that you are doing well. This reminds me of the innocence of childhood, what a beautiful time childhood is. 😉 I am sure your little boy must be getting quite big and you must be enjoying every moment with him.

    Stay well and happy.

    PS: I love the look of your blog, especially the comments section.

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    • I love childhood too Zarina. It’s a special time in life. New promises and dreams.
      My little one is growing fast and enjoying life. It’s nice to see him looking at life with a happy face. I am learning a lot from him!

      Hope you are well too dear. Take care and stay always blessed and happy.


  2. Nothing is better for the soul than memories, sweet and sour ones :), both define who we were and who we will be. Im practically living off my memories, am not detached from the current days but when I want to be with someone who is not here any more, or ocean apart, I just close my eyes and relive the memories.

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    • I get you Amira. Memories help us to go through tough days but are also sweet when shared with loved ones. The feelings that go with them have the power to peace our minds and worries.
      Sending you love – we are building memories with each one of our posts too!


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