What writing means to me…


Reading Anne Lamott makes you think. Of life and writing. Of mess, pain, darkness, craziness and…

On what writing means to you.

After finishing one of the chapters of “bird by bird”, I started thinking about what writing is for me.

It’s like breathing.

It’s like finding my voice.

It’s like looking inside, searching inside, catching a glimpse of what makes me sad, what is torturing me, what makes me want to shout out loud, what gives me goosebumps, what kills me and what makes me alive. All in once.

It’s like sharing, being part of the solution (whatever the question – doubt – worry is).

It’s like being authentic, letting go.

It’s like treasuring the silence.

It’s like talking over a warm coffee on a cold Saturday morning.

It feels like crying sometimes, losing battles or catching emptiness in the midst of chaotic days.

It’s like being human and celebrating life.

It’s like finding my balance, my truth.

It’s like acknowledging that I am a mess somedays and full of hope others.

It’s like peace at the end of a long ride.

It’s like touching my dark side.

It’s like healing, grieving, standing up and dancing at the sound of victory.

It’s a way to say Thank you. To the World. To God.

It’s like talking to God, talking to pain, talking to every single life I encounter.

I don’t always know what to say, how to say it. I am not always true to myself, to you. Somedays I’d rather like be somebody else, using others words and style. Till I set the alarm clock and take some rest, look around and decide that whatever happen in this world, I have this chance to be who I am and to be alive. As I stop, I take a deep breath. It’s time for me to open a note book and scribble down my thoughts on writing and what it takes to follow one’s dream.

What about you? What writing means for you?

Do you know Anne Lamott?


12 thoughts on “What writing means to me…

  1. Marie

    I love this post, it speaks so much, and I can identify with so much of what you say here. Like you, when I write I feel like I am truly me, there are no restrictions in communication, no awkwardness, and it feels like there is this chance to make sense of all that you feel and just to be free about it. It’s like everything just makes so much sense when you write.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely words and insights with us.

    Stay well and in peace always and may we never stop writing!

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  2. *what kills me and what makes me alive**
    1. I love that quote.
    2. I adore Annie Lamott ( I’ve read all of her non-fiction ( not fiction ) bird by bird, I savored several times. I love her humor.
    3. Writing is prayer. Writing has saved me. Writing & Words brings me back to LIFE!
    4. I loooooooooooooove this post.
    5. I received my poetry book! I love love love. WOW.

    Thank you, sweet, dear Marie. xxx from MN.


    • 1- I love you Kim
      2- You were the first one to tell me about Annie Lamott…
      3- Writing is WHO YOU ARE Kim. Never stop writing!!
      5- Glad you received it. Love is what link us together. Always. Now I have a piece of your heart and you have a piece of mine. And I feel BLESSED beyond words.


  3. Seems that I have to start reading for Annie Lamott, forgive my complete ignorance my dear. Love your post a lot. Although I have a food blog but I do not like it to be only about recipes, it is a piece of me. I love sharing memories, thoughts, fears, worries, laughs and everything going on in my life. It is my window where I can express myself freely not worrying to be judged. Recently I’ve had some people complaining about the babbling I make, so I started adding a link to jump to the recipe but this will not shoosh me :).

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    • This is a part that I love too Amira, reading about your memories, your life, doubts or joys and then looking at the recipe you share in connection to what’s going on in your life. I would not want it another way!
      If you get a chance read Anne Lamott, she is funny and wise!
      In the meantine keep writing and enjoying it.


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