Being true to ourselves…


I wanted to be her. Confident. In love. With herself. With the world.

I wanted to be like her. Walking proudly in high heels and feeling like I own the world.

I wanted to be her. So sure of herself. So chatty. So beautiful.

I wanted to be like her. Wearing red lip-gloss and sunglasses. Short skirts and bikinis.

I wanted to be her. So much.

I thought she was happy, she had the perfect life, the perfect family.

And then…

She vanished into the night.

And all truth about her came back in a flash of dark light.

She was not loved, she was consumed by passion.

She was not happy, she was in much pain.

She was fake.

She was somebody she was not, so she could face life.

She was smiling at the world. Inside, she was crying.

We never know what people are going through, what life they have, what happens behind closed doors: the best or the worst.

Praying for the best. Always. And remembering that we should never envy others but look at ourselves with love, enjoy whatever is good in our life and change the things that don’t seem right (for us). 


10 thoughts on “Being true to ourselves…

    • Most of us have been there Lisa. Trying to show the world we manage it all and collapsing behind closed doors. Our choices are not always easy Lisa but you’re right they make a great difference at the end.
      Thanks very much. Stay well.


  1. Well said! We don’t know what goes on inside others’ heart…how much of pain and darkness is hidden there! Never envy the most successful because they never share what they have undergone to reach the zenith. Look within and be happy with whatever life offers. Let it flow…
    Thanks for sharing beautiful thoughts Marie. Stay blessed 🙂

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    • Balroop I love to read your insights and thoughts. We should always concentrate on us and stop thinking it’s easier for others. It creates tensions and jealousy, when in fact we are all dealing with thoughts, doubts, worries on our own.
      Take care and have a lovely day.

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  2. You are absolutely right… I think it is somehow weird that some celebrities commit suicide while you think they’ve had the perfect life!! Then again we do not know what is happening behind closed doors. Thanks for the insight.

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