I am a Dreamer @WMN

Last week a family member answered one of my questions by « you are such a dreamer! ». This was not a compliment. This was a statement saying something like this “you are so naïve” – “you’re 36, wake up”. I heard this before. I’ve heard it since I took the first step into adulthood.

It made me think. What’s wrong about being a dreamer? What’s right about not being one? Should I stop dreaming now? Why? Why should I stop being who I am? Why should I follow the crowd?

Big things happened in this world because at some stage people thought these things were possible.

Everything starts with an idea. Everything is set into motion because people have a dream and believe in it. They make it happen. They have faith.

Do narrow-minded people have dreams?

They don’t. They accept things as they are. Even if these things don’t please them. And if they have some, they don’t follow them, surely thinking it’s not worth it.

Back to the conversation we were having…

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11 thoughts on “I am a Dreamer @WMN

  1. Je me sens toujours heureux, savez vous pourquoi? Parce que je n’attends rien de personne.Les attentes font toujours mal, la vie est courte.Aimez votre vie, soyez heureux, gardez le sourire et souvenez vous: Avant de parler, écoutez.Avant d’écrire, réfléchissez.Avant de prier, pardonnez.Avant de blesser, considérez l’autre.Avant de détester, aimez et avant de mourir, Vivez
    William Shakespeare
    Pour ma petite Marie…
    En Français toutes mes excuses
    Moi je crois en toi
    PS/Tu es un ange !

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  2. All inventions around the world started as a dream. Dreamers have made this world more beautiful and comfortable…keep dreaming dear friend. We all love dreams as they define our aspirations and lead us to all those accomplishments. If they dash, see more…many more… for dreams make this life worth-living! 🙂 Love and hugs dear Marie.

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  3. Oooh…. what a powerful topic to really bring home, Marie. You are SO RIGHT- I mean, if we can’t dream and pursuit our dreams, how on earth did any important thing happen in this world?

    Those people who try to limit the dreamers are limited themselves. Such a shame.

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  4. Being a dreamer does not mean to be totally unrealistic!! Your relative should know that. Dreaming of a better world, dreaming for love and peace to prevail does not mean that we do not know that there are bad people out there, this is a fact that we should know but it should not keep us from dreaming… Keep dreaming my friend, and don’t allow others to take your dreams from you. My dreams are the only thing that is totally my own and I’d like to keep it that way.


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