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An invaluable lesson

When Jennifer told me she would be in Paris and would love to meet, the first thought that crossed my mind is « I can’t do this ». It’s not that I did not want to see her or anything lik thise, it’s just that the first words that came through my mind were “not good enough”.

I hate these three words.

But they rush like blood into my veins every time I am facing a new situation, a situation that involves new people.

And then, something happened in my mind. I heard a voice saying “what – not good enough – you’re joking!”

I was not.

I mean we were talking about Jennifer Burden there – the founder & CEO of World Moms Network, the woman with ideas, passion, who got involved with the UN Foundation and even got to meet the UN Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon.

I was so scared.

And then I answered “Fabulous, I can’t wait to meet you”, thinking that I still had 3 weeks to get ready.


And then I realized there was nothing to fear. I realized all this “not good enough” bullshit was not about me. It was about all the assholes I met before. I make the choice to stop this voice in my head.

I was good enough. I am good enough. I am even better than “good enough”. I am me. And I am beautiful.

So we met.

And I can say that we had a fabulous time. Meeting Jennifer was like meeting an old friend. We had so much to share about our lives, doubts, dreams. We enjoyed this special moment. It was a special treat to me. I met an open-minded and delicious woman. She was not one to fear or be afraid of. We were just two women happy to connect.

A week later, it was Purnima’s – senior editor at WMN – turn to be in Paris with her family. The bad voice did not come back. I would have told her “shut up” anyway. And again we shared a nice moment all together. It was even hard letting her and her family go.

I am so grateful to have met these wonderful ladies and to have overcome my fears. They both taught me an invaluable lesson:

Be who you are. Be proud of your choices. And the world will embrace you. And you will shine. And the world will shine with you!

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5 thoughts on “An invaluable lesson

  1. OOOOOOOOOO, fabulous.
    You. ARE. MORE. than GOOD ENOUGH, Marie.
    I’ve met a few bloggers and I was terrified, thinking the same thing..
    That voice, that ugly voice…
    (((THEY won’t like you. You are a fake. You are NOT good enough for them.)))
    But the meetings were wonderful.
    From MN.

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  2. Fears often creep up at the most unexpected times to knock us down but those who face them boldly can accomplish all they wish. I appreciate your confidence and inner voice, which supported you. When we tell ourselves ‘I am good enough’ we become better than just good! Keep it up dear friend…I love you for what you are. Love and hugs 🙂

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  3. I was thinking when I reached out, “I don’t know if Marie will have time for me, but I will give it a shot because I would LOVE to meet her!!” What a most fantastic treat it was to meet you, Marie, because YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Dream day!!!!!!

    Keep being YOU!!!!! 💗

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