Our story

Copyright Marie Kléber

Somewhere someone

Is writing a story

Just like you and me

It’s about joy and loss

About love and pain

It’s about being free

Or feeling trapped in the same schemas

About loving, being loved

Or emotional insecurities

Some will see beauty in the midst of chaos

Some will only see chaos

It’s a choice we make

Every single day

A choice that make our story unique

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Auteur - Blogueuse et Poète. J'écris comme je respire... Author - Blogger and Poet. Writing is my breath, my voice, my dream...

11 thoughts on “Our story”

  1. Lovely thoughts, well articulated! I agree with you Marie, its our choice that makes all the difference. Sometimes we get carried away and make wrong choices but there is hardly any room for regrets because when we take our decisions, we should have the courage to face the outcome…good or bad, both have to be accepted.


    1. That’s right Balroop.
      And when we have the courage to face the outcome, we can even transform our lives. We choose every single day the next step.
      Thanks for sharing your view on the subject – wise thoughts as always.

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  2. Beautiful! I just shared my story on our blog page. Thanks for the reminder to choose to see the good 💜 Love this.
    Our daughter almost died soon after birth in a freak circumstance. Only God could have brought her through almost unscathed. BloomsandBeautifuls.wordpress.com
It is a daily struggle for me to push fear out of the way and Trust in Gods plan.


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