Your own truth

Copyright Marie Kléber

I don’t know it all.

When I was a little girl, I was a dreamer. I would spent hours looking outside , creating stories, building up spaces that talk to me, of a world that would enhance beauty, joy, peace, love. Teachers did not like it. I was too slow. I was too shy. I was too much of this and not enough of that.

When I was a little girl, I would talk out loud. Not to myself. To angels and people around that nobody could see but me. People didn’t like it. They thought others would say I’m crazy or something like this. They wanted me to stop acting weird.

When I was a little girl, I had dreams. I wanted to care for others. I wanted to help, guide, and heal. They looked at me like it wasn’t what would give me what I needed to feed a family. They told me to go for something else; I listened to them and I am now stuck in a job that pays the rent and makes everybody else happy but me.

I don’t know it all.

But I don’t want you to think that you are limited, that some places, some dreams are not for you. I don’t want you to say that you are not good enough, that you are an idiot. You are not. You are great and precious.

I don’t want you to believe that others know the truth. They don’t. There is not one truth. We all have ours. There is not one way. But plenty.

I don’t know it all.

But I’ll do my best to be always here for you, to trust you, to guide you and to be with you whatever road you choose to walk.


8 thoughts on “Your own truth

  1. Marie, this is so beautiful. I’m sorry that people stole and stomped on your dreams. What a terrible thing to do to a child and young woman. But so many people do this. Usually it serves a purpose for them to steer you in a certain direction. I LOVE that you are teaching your son to believe in his dreams. I’ve done the same for my kids and yet it is still a struggle while they’re in their 20s. Other people are trying to steer them away from their passions. LOVE the photo, too. Precious hands working.


    1. I guess It comes with fear Lisa. I believe people didn’t mean bad to me. They did their best, thought they had a view of the world that is different from the one I have.
      We need to remember that other people will always be around thinking that they own the truth.
      I am sure your kids feel safe knowing you are there to support them Lisa. This is PRECIOUS.
      Thank you. Take care

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