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It started…

How it started?

I don’t know. It just happened. After the holidays. Second year of primary school. It started.

And then it was the same deal for the next four years.

Some teachers were trying, not that hard, to stop it. Others would join in the mess. Yes. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?

People in general would say “they’re just kids”.


And then, we (society) started talking about bullying. We realized it was dangerous. We put things and actions in place to help the bullied one and the bulliy. At least, we did something.

I experienced it a bit in secondary school too, till the day I stood up for myself. It was the end of it. Just like that. It happened. I could breath again without wondering what blow would come next. And from where.

Obviously, I don’t wish anybody to experience any of this. But bullying still happens. It’s a threat. It does even kill young kids nowadays. It’s tough to realize that nothing really change in 32 years. Maybe more. It’s tough to see that it even start in preschool…

Do you or your kids experienced it? How did you manage. Did you get help / support? Or were you on your own to deal with it?






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4 thoughts on “It started…

  1. I’m so sorry, Marie that you went through this for so long. How devastating. I experienced it on a mild level. It was the same for me, when I stood up for myself, they backed right down and didn’t bother me again. Unfortunately, we can’t stop all of it but the initiatives to try to change it and address it are better than nothing at all. Sending much love to you!

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  2. Oh, Marie, I am so so sorry you had to go through this and for so long! I love that you were able to stand up for yourself and just like that, they stopped. I hate that you had to endure four long years of it when you were a child. Breaks my HEART.

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  3. J’ai vu mes enfants changer au contact des autres à l’école ou en crèche. Il faut les observer, leur donner cette force de la tolérance, de la compréhension et du respect, de la non-violence, en s’aimant soi-même et en aimant les autres, la force de se lever (très tôt et très vite) sans jamais un coup de griffe (ni de l’un, ni de l’autre). Tu aurais du en parler plus tôt Marie, je suis désolée que tu aies autant souffert.

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    1. Je suis complètement d’accord. J’en ai parlé très tôt. Mes parent m’ont toujours écoutée, ils ont fait remonter les informations. Mais personne n’a suivi. Certains instituteurs ont même pris le parti des élèves et les humiliations allaient bon train, dans la classe, dans la cour…


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