It’s not love

They say “it’s love”
But it’s not

Love is not
About making people
Feel like they count for nothing

Love is not
About making people
Feel guilty all the time

Love is not
About making people
Think they are monsters in disguise

Love is not
About causing people pain

Love is not
About making people
Suffer and cry

Some mums don’t love
They manage
They manipulate
They kill slowly
The ones they ought to love the most

They say
“You’re my child but I can’t stand you”

So stop thinking “it’s love”
It’s not
It’s possession
It’s having someone
They can destroy at will
Without people noticing it

Cause they’re mums
And mums don’t hate
They love

6 thoughts on “It’s not love

  1. Hopefully, we can learn from their mistakes. At least, now we know what not to do (maybe).
    And you are right, one of the most important things love does is to make people happy. Maybe not now but surely sometime. Otherwise, it’s not love. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s tough for kids when it comes from their parents in general – mum and dad.
      But as you say mum reputation is one of pure love. So it’s even more difficult to deal with the lack of it.
      Thank you for your words Lisa.
      Take care


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