Unadorned and loved

@ Marie Kléber

You leave me
So many times

Just you
The way you are
The way you are with me
The way you include me into your life

I feel like
A child
Catching the wonders of life
Coming with nothing
But everything to discover

In awe when you put your arms
Around my messy flaws
When you set your eyes
On my secret yearnings

You turned my world upside down
And up again
Showing me the way
To love without the turmoil
Of dependance
Without the craziness
Of becoming somebody else
To fit in a world
Shaped by others

You sccatter pieces of beauty
On the path
Where flowers are growing
Between the weeds of a past
I am learning to let go
To empty my mind
Of the pain caused by
Never being enough for someone

Step by step
You welcome me
In a space free
Where I can be
And still loved

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