Motherhood sad song

Copyright Marie Kléber

I dreamt of a life which could never be ours
Just so I could keep going

With you by my side
So many mixed feelings

When we are together
My weaknesses taking all the place

We are creating something out of love
It should be beautiful
It’s messy most of the time

I wish I could be the mum I dreamt of
For you
But I am just a pale copy of it
Full of insecurities

With my hypersensitivity taking over
I feel out of place

Even my love seems weak
When I can’t make your feel better
When I let all my anger out for nothing
When I lose track of you

In need of me

So beautiful
In your own way

How could I take good care of you
When I forget to look after myself so often

I wonder…

Why so many people want kids they can’t have
And me
Having you
Screwing it up most of the time…

But still I am fighting back
Still believing in something greater
Still thinking that maybe you’ll be able to sort out things
What’s good for you and what you can let go

Some people will add…
Still doing my best – I can go without it
Or if this is my best, it’s quite sad

23 thoughts on “Motherhood sad song

  1. Never easy, but never underestimate what you’re giving him!
    You’re here, taking care of him, may be no the way you wish, but you’re here. Enjoy, cherish every bit even with its up and down.
    Think positive and positive things will happen… 😉

    Liked by 1 person


    Oh, friend, I have been in this place as a parent! You ARE doing the best you can and I always try to remember that truth on those hard days. Be kind and gracious to yourself in those difficult motherhood moments. We all need to let go of feeling like we are failing our kids and realize we are giving them more than we know. Hugs to you, sweet friend!


  3. this lament for giving more than you can at times tells me what an amazing mom you are…this beautiful raw reflection holds the mirror to mother’s heart but know that as you keep going with its ups and downs you show him humanity and never giving up on love 🙂


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