Beauty everywhere

@Marie Kléber

Seeing beauty everywhere.

I was so good at it. It feels like I am missing many things these days. Not looking anymore at the bright side of what’s happening around. I am moving back to darkness so quickly when I was the first one to spot the best and write it down. And show people. And wish for them to dive in this place of pure bliss.

I ought to reconnect with this. To reconnect with my true self. I let too many people play with this part of me, like it was something I should keep quiet about.

Do you see beauty where you are, where you go? Do people see you as crazy or do they rejoice about the same things?


4 thoughts on “Beauty everywhere

  1. I think that many people think I’m nuts but also they’re happy about the way I deal with their kids and even them like me very much LOL
    Darkness comes too quickly, too often too. The only one who can make it disappear, the only one who eases all that darkness, sadness is…. Muppet.
    Animals are the best to let us act, be as we should be!


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