Let’s be alive!


It’s time.
To move away from the chaos of the non-stop flow of informations. Too many words and images all around. And less time to be in the moment.
Some things can wait.
Some can’t.
And we tend to focus on the wrong ones, missing the greatness of life as we go on.

It’s time.
To trust the process.
To know others can help, guide, but that the answers are within ourselves.
Understanding is not enough, the past is long gone and now is building tomorrow, if only we are ready to take charge.

It’s time.
To reconnect with the true flavor of life.
To recognize our value. Not in comparison with others. We are all different with our own story.
Nobody can write ours, except us.

It’s time.
To be.
To smile at the clouds dancing in the sky.
To dream big and act great.

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