Strange Time – Special Time

This is a strange time. I was not prepared to it. To be true at first I was afraid  at the thought of staying home alone with my son. You may know, cause you are reading me for some time now, that motherhood is not that intuitive to me. It’s a challenging experience, a process, a road I took seven years ago not knowing at all what it was about.

This is a strange time, full of emotions going everywhere, taking all the place. There is joy and fear, love and doubts, wonderful suprises, chaotic moments, cries, laughs, so many ups, so many downs too.

It’s not really about being at home, nor about being separated from others, it’s really about finding our peace, our truth inside, it’s about listening to our inner voice, knowing what make sense, to us, it’s about learning who we are, expressing our needs. It’s an introspection, a time out of time, time to grow –  we grow when we struggle! It’s part of the deal too!

And you, how are you living it? Is it tough? Or quite easy? How would you define it? 

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10 thoughts on “Strange Time – Special Time”

  1. well said, it is surely uncertain but you are right about finding peace inside…on days when I cannot turn out my thoughts that worry too much, I tell myself to be patient but on those days that is where I lack! haha


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Marie. Kudos to you, mumma, for all that you do and are doing during this bizarre time. We’re on week 5 of quarantine and at first, it wasn’t that different for me. Because I work from home, and have my creative pursuits here, I am very busy still. Now I’m going inward quite a bit. I’m also learning things about myself and some friends that I thought were pretty genuine. Hmmm. Painful, yes but also growth. Maybe we needed this? HUGS to you and your little guy.


    1. Good to read you Lisa and see things are doing well for you.
      Except for the friends part…
      But yes, growth. It is necessary even if it’s kind of hard sometimes.
      Love to you and your loved ones.
      Stay safe and well


  3. I’m gonna be frank with you. I’ve been living with my parents when I was a child, then went to Uni and.. I was lost. I was in UK and so no touching, kisses etc. really hard for me. I was on top of that very demanding of emotions (touch, kiss, cuddle, hug…). After being with Big I had to be on my own again, and it was ok as I was working (so seeing my colleagues). Then… new story: I had to be on my own. My life had to be structured to stay safe, not going mad. I established a strict routine but I liked it: gym, breakfast, work, lunch, rest, work, blog, chats with my friends via internet, walk with Muppet , dinner etc….
    I was ok, ‘cos I liked being on my own, never got bored, never mind being alone. Then… I returned to France, then again I had to live with my parents. I had to find my marks once more time. It took me time as I was a foreigner in my own country and the health of my parents was up and down… so I had, again to find my “routine”. We’ve got it more or less nowadays .
    Today the confinement doesn’t bother me because of all that: I’ve done it.
    Do I like it? I don’t mind ‘cos seeing friends, family can be done via internet, I’m working a bit and.. I’m surely a bit/lot stubborn, pushing a lot of pressure on me to do my best, try not to think too much about the future.
    You have to find your boundaries, your marks, and same for him! and.. you two. And… it is all hard for the people who want to escape, who want to be with others. Personally it is not always my way of living. I don’t need other to act. But we’re all different.
    You’re doing well; it is just that the confinement pushes too much our boundaries, we are over sensitive, and unfortunately sometimes over reacted but we can’t escape. We have to deal with the issues, we have to face it in the best way that pleases each side.
    It is hard work, but I know, you can do it!
    Keep faith in you 😉 Take care of you xxx


    1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these words and thoughts Carrie.
      You are so right. We ought to do with what we have, change what can be changed and for the rest, welcome emotions and situations.
      We can all face life. We just have to be kind with ourselves and take one day at a time.
      Take care too my friend

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  4. Definitely uncertain times and we are all muddling along as best as we can.

    I was nervous at first but just taking each day as it comes and not stressing too much about their schooling…it is hard for the kids too.


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