When people ask about love, what it means to me and how I deal with it, to be true I have many questions in mind and most of the time no answers to them.

When people ask about what I want, I don’t know really. I want everything and nothing. Cause I can have everything if I wish to but does this everything will really make me happy?

When people ask about money, when they talk about value, I got lost. What value has to do with money?

When people have questions, I have more questions coming to mind. This is what makes me grow in a way. But I understood recently that I’ll never have all the answers, so sometimes it’s best to just let go and see what life’s got for me.

Are you good at answering questions? Do you know exactly what you want? If not, how are you dealing with this?

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11 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. Oh I lost my comment! Damned
    I was saying that I think, I’m good at answering questions but not sure it is always done in a “nice”/diplomatic way.
    I used to know what I wanted, I used to look after the others, to think about the others before me, acting only by thinking about what the others would think of my behaviour, imagine their life … time is missing now, I don’t think as much. I mainly feel too sad about the way my life is turning.
    I take the present as a gift. I try to forget about the questions; hard task I admit!
    What do I want? I could say: Living first, then having a roof, food… the rest should be considered as a plus….. but to be positive, I would say: spreading love, fun, attention, care, making people smile 😉
    Take care Marie xxx


  2. I am similar in dealing with questions, I know what I want or like for the most part but questions always probe an inner dialogue as sometimes the words to form an answer that accurately depicts my thoughts are hard to find…:)


  3. Questions:

    There are some people who know how to answer questions perfectly. They are either manipulators, sophists or demagogues but rarely gifted and sincere people. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer to quote Socrates: “What I know is that I don’t know.”
    Good day Marie


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