In the world of ideas

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It’s been a while. I should say “ages”. There was a time I thought I could not spend one day without words. And here I am, finding no time for short stories or poems. Ideas are there, somewhere. It looks like they know I don’t have much time for them. So they stay quiet.

I would love them to shout out loud, so I would make it a priority to take time for them. And yet I am glad they let me free, so I can make myself available for whatever comes my way.

When I don’t write as I used to, I am a bit worried that I won’t write anymore. It’s just a “maybe” but it could feel so real at times.

Here I am, trying to explain these things, trying to catch up an idea just for a couple of lines. Outside darkness is calling for bedtime. And I let my eyes wonder on the computer screen, thinking of the time ideas flew out of me like millions of shooting stars…

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10 thoughts on “In the world of ideas”

  1. It’s a funny thing, our muse. But I think it’s normal to go through a spell of not feeling motivated, or not having the words popping into our heads. Doing my art exercises can get the juices flowing again. Anyway, I think it’s just fine to have a pause in your writing, Marie. xoxo Enjoy other life stuff. Take it all in.

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    1. Hello Lisa, yes I guess it’s ok.
      I agree with you concerning art. Anyway there are many ways to express ourselves, maybe I’ll discover other things. And I know words are never too far.
      Thank you very much ❤️


  2. Hi ! Marie,
    I’m going through the same problems as yours concerning the writing of texts or poems: no inspiration, no time, too many concerns, a schedule that is often very full… So I go back to old texts, reread them, retouch them… and the desire to create again comes back little by little.

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    1. Hello John,
      It does happen from time to time. And as you say it comes with full agenda and maybe other things to think about.
      Revisiting old stuff is a good way to keep moving and soon I am sure when life will be lighter, words will flow more easyly.
      Take care;


      1. Hi! Marie That’s for sure! When we have better days, we will have more energy and inspiration to write. It’s true that the current period is gloomy. Have a good Saturday John

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