My midnight blues, Snapshots of my life

Wherever I wander

Copyright Marie Kléber

Wherever I wander

Glowing days, misty nightmares

Metaphoric dreams, fluttering doubts

Chaos taking over, tears flowing

Peaceful sunsets, cheerful sunrises

Wherever I wander

You are standing there

Giving me the space

To talk, to heal, to be silent, to mend my heart

To rejoice, to be thankful, to taste each whisper

That takes me closer to you

Wherever I wander

I am surrounded by the breadth of your love

The goodness of your heart

Wherever I wander

I feel deeply blessed.

Let's talk about...

School, confidence and fitting in

School started a couple of weeks ago.

And some teachers are already starting telling kids about next year! There are 9 more months left to go. No rush.

We start hearing things such as…

She doesn’t write inside the lines. He is not working quick enough. She is too quiet. He is too loud. She should work harder. He should be sure of himself.

Gosh, they are only 4, 5 or 6 years old. How does this help self-confidence?

It’s not why they are going to shcool – to learn. Or I missed something and now they should go to school knowing everything. And school is just there to check that they know.

I learnt that teachers are starting writing notes to get appointment with parents. To explain what? That their kids don’t fit in. Fit in what? Average boxes?

When I was a kid I hated the fact that school wanted all children to be the same. Differences were not a positive thing. In 30 years nothing changed. It’s even worse. Kids are already pointed at, 4 weeks after the start of school. Teachers have a program, so no time for the ones who don’t go fast enough.

Whatever they will tell me, I know my kid, I chose my side.