Spring shots & Wise words

Look at the world – Share Love

Raise your voice – Laugh out loud

Be you – Know your worth


Let Go

Let God be your guide

The rest does not matter…


Sweet Holiday Time


It’s like a dream

An enchanted melody

A wish silently whispered

Images dancing between the eyes

And the screen

It’s like a song

A sweet longing

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It’s a tender string of happy days

Postcards telling stories

Love shared

Under the fresh shade of a tree

It’s like a lullaby

A sweet memory

Cooking with Amira

You know or you may remember that it took me some time to go back to the kitchen, without feeling concerned about how I would perform, whether I would make a good or not-so-good dish.

I can say that now I am perfectly happy when I take all my ingredients out to start a new recipe. I even asked Mister Pop to join. And his answer is often positive!

We put on our aprons and off we go…

2016-05-17_11 46 01_resized

To be true, I always have a hard time following a recipe. I try and then I lose track. And end doing something quite strange!

The first recipe I followed from beginning to end, I found it on Amira’s blog. It was the Harsha Bread one. And it was good. I can clearly see me dancing in my living room with my delicious recipe on a plate. Note that at this time, even though I enjoyed cooking again, I would not try it when others were around. It was a “me” time and a cooking for me alone phase. I needed time, before having enough confidence to cook for others and let the kitchen door open when others were around.

Since this first recipe I kept on trying more and more. What I like about Amira’s cooking, it’s that it’s simple and very well explained. She is even showing how to complete the recipe through a well done video. You can’t go wrong with this!

2016-05-17 11 43 46_resized

I have to add that with every recipe, she is sharing some stories about it. Her North African origins are a great chance for us. When cooking, I can tell Mister Pop where this or that recipe comes from, it’s a good way to get close to his other culture and to develop his taste at the same time. It’s a real travel tour!

Our favorites recipes (approved by little one, mum and grandparents):

Simit Bread

Sweet Couscous 

Fatayer with cheese and mint filling 

Middle Eastern Spiced tea 

And you, tell me, do you love cooking? Whose blog do you follow? What kind of “food” do you like the most? An easy recipe to share with us?

I talk about the Terrible Twos @ Muslim Mummy!

Before becoming a mum, I thought that the Terrible Twos was a myth, something put into place to frighten parents. We don’t need this. 

Then I became a mum. And I learnt how to deal with cries and crisis. I looked at my little boy with delight, thinking “how can this lovely little man can be one day named terrible”.

And then I became the mum of a 2 year old child. And I realized the Terrible Twos was not a mere myth but a true reality. 

He started saying no months back. I never thought that one day he would nearly only say NO to every single thing. No for eating, no for dressing up, no for bath or no for stopping to play. My little angel became a living nightmare. Many times I would catch myself thinking “Thanks God I am working outside home”!

To be true it’s not that horrible. It just happened overnight…Read the end @ Muslim Mummy  “What’s up with the Terrible Twos?”

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New morning

Strong winds pushing us backward

Sending us fighting with the waves

We wish to escape for a while

Rough days ahead of us

No silence to take back our breath

No sign of calm or stillness

Dark blood running into our veins


Only mornings seem to carry the grace

To push us forward

And be brave


The yellow light

Back in time

Only nightmares

Dark hours

Silence is a killer


November, two years ago

Only cries

Elusive shadows

Pain is taking over


I am just flesh

A body without contour

A deprived soul

A drop of emptiness


I could remember

The endless nights

The wish to be sucked up by the earth

The terrifying doubts


No words

No tender touch

No sip of wine

Could kept me alive


And then

Like a miracle between my hands

Tears washing up the bloody mess

Voices touched my heart

I could see the stars

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Busy Bee

I’ve been away from the computer for a week already…

It feels good sometime

But I have to say I am glad to read you again

And to be able to post some photos tonight

Writing will come later!


IMGP6770 IMGP6711



 And a Rabbit ready for the ride!