The life we choose

Nothing ever prepared us to live a life that was not meant for us. We spent years trying to figure out what the world wants, how to be accepted, recognized, how to fit in. And one day we discover that all of this, is complete builshit. Our truth lies in childhood fun and dreams. It’sContinue reading “The life we choose”

We are all artists

You may think you are not one of them. Limits are your own, only. Some words you might have heard as a kid. Some thoughts you might have kept for years. Till one day… You decide to try, to give it a go. Till one day… You choose to change your view on the subject.Continue reading “We are all artists”


Nobody knows how it will be. After. I don’t think about it. Not that much. I don’t worry. But I wonder… I found my space, my place, my rhythm I found my joy, my peace I got closer to my dreams Away from the world I found inside what matters the most to me IContinue reading “After”

Strange Time – Special Time

This is a strange time. I was not prepared to it. To be true at first I was afraid  at the thought of staying home alone with my son. You may know, cause you are reading me for some time now, that motherhood is not that intuitive to me. It’s a challenging experience, a process,Continue reading “Strange Time – Special Time”

Finding our balance!

It’s been a while… Like most of you I imagine, we’re home We’re getting organised We’re looking for our balance Searching it every day Finding bliss in silly little things In moments of communion with neighbours we only see when we open our windows It’s been a while But we’ll be back more often AsContinue reading “Finding our balance!”