Quick Hello!


I am not far but I am busy. So it’s just a quick post to say hello and tell you that I will publish a poem each day of october, starting saturday! I will honor women and girls, as I think they deserve to be seen.

Looking forward sharing with you. Till then, have a sweet end of day!

Welcome our true identity

Credit Photo@mariekleber37

We know ourselves
A certain way
Thinking others have better strengths
Are better organized
Or better prepared for challenges

We always wish
For a different skin
Or hair color
For a different way of seeing things
Of trusting others

Gradually, letting our own true self
Disappearing behind a manufactured identity
A self without
When we would gain a lot
Just to welcome who we are

Our best ride

When night comes
And we stay awake
Looking at the shapes
Made on our walls
By streetlights and cars headlamps

We may think life is nothing more
Than dust flying around
Corn flakes lost in a bowl
Missing its milk

We may think nothing last
And all that we do every day
Does not weight much
Than a rain of stars on earth

And yet as the day unfolds
We are searching for the seconds
That made this adventure into nothingness
A terrific ride!

Is Bréa

Wherever she goes
She is looking for them
Or O’something
She is enthralled by stories
She had not read yet
She is on the edge of her seat
When she knows a new book
Is about to find its place on the shelves
Of her favorite bookshop
She can’t wait to own it
And it’s by holding her breath
That she starts reading

Stories with rough beginnings
War, violence, poverty
Starvation, Contemplation of a world moving fast
Celtic Tiger revenge
And yet, something out of nowhere
That looks like, smells like
A tiny bit of hope
Turned into a smile
Joy at the corner of the eye

These stories are like life
Spreading its butterfly wings
Out of bitter days
You can create something better

His story

It happened.

It came from nowhere. And suddenly the tough went away with its mysery and hours of questions unanswered.

It was in his smile and in his way he made it clear that he was ready to play a new game, not the one played by others, a new one, filled with brightness and joy.

He did cry first, understanding what had happened before, when he was not even born. Words on pain. And tears following the words. To ease the pain of this discovery.

One day, kids are babies and one day, they grow up, they are ready to hear what you tried to hide from them, they are willing to listen to your story.

After all, it’s their story too. And if you did remain silent for a while it was to protect them. Respect them.

But this time is gone…

And truth has to be revealed with words of peace.