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Education is prevention…

…and prevention is protection.

Now-a-days, we hear a lot about violence. Violence at home, bullying at school, harassment at work or on the street. Violence is everywhere. It does not define our societies or who we are but it plays an important role in our evolution and how we decide to define ourselves.

In the past couple of years, the French government put into place important measures to fight all types of violence, creating adds to show its impact on peoples lives, opening more helplines, dedicated centres to welcome the victims, creating new jobs and training programs. Many well-known artists took it over and started campaigns around the country and in the world.

Still, I think something is missing in order, if not to eradicate violence completely, at least to change the vision of men and women on the subject and prevent violence from spreading even more. Before discussing the impact of violence, people first have to be educated on what violence is, how to spot it and how to protect themselves from it. MORE on WMB


Speak Out Loud

What would you have done?

If you mum would have come to you saying

“your dad better not find you there reading a book, when he comes home”

Would you have just said “ok”?

Would you have just asked “why? what’s wrong with reading a book”?

Would you have said “I don’t agree with this. What’s his problem? I can’t do what I want in my own home”?

Would you have said “no more of this bullshit. A man will never ever say to me what I should or should not do”?

Or would you have said “this is not my battle”?


If you mum had started crying and talking once again about her life, abused childhood, about her messed up married life, about how she is trying everything but no one sees it

Would you have taken her in your arms and say you’re sorry for creating such a mess around a single book?

Would you have told her “maybe you should leave dad”?

Would you have said “please stop with your childhood memories. I am fed up. I can’t take this anymore. We’ve been living with all this craziness since we’re kids. I can’t hear about it anymore”?

Would you have just stayed there and listen. And think “when all this will stop”?

What would you have done?

Would you have felt helpless?

Would you have asked yourself “how to set boundaries with all this mess coming around again and again and again”?

Do you know how to set boundaries, how to deal with this, without hurting yourself?

We are the change

But how to change? Where to start?


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For Freedom!

Freedom is a basic right

In France, Freedom of speech is an essential right

Yesterday at 11.30am

12 journalists were assassinated

Sketches v Kalashnikovs

They died for their ideas

Inside we cry

And the world cries with us

This should never happen

And it keeps happening

Blood stains on the walls

We will not let Freedom die


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Next time, I’ll chose love

First thing I experienced when meeting him is: FEAR

Fear of not being right

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of the unknown

Fear of not being as he wanted me to be

For 4 years, fear never left me

Fear of his silences

Fear of his presence

Fear of his absence

Fear of his words

Fear of his behavior

Fear of his violence

I say yes to marriage out of: FEAR

Fear of saying NO to him

Fear of slamming doors

Fear of funny faces

Fear of time and people met and phone calls done

Fear of being late

Fear of my words

Fear of my habits

Fear of my ideas and dreams

Fear of not saying the right thing at the right time

Fear of not wearing the right dress

Fear of being full of fear


Nothing good comes out of fear

Next time,  I’ll choose LOVE!


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Taking Sides

Some days, we must take sides.

We have to fight for






We have to fight against







And then some days

We face small, tiny life challenges

People disagreeing

People being rude

People chatting behind other’s back


Personal issues

Should we take someone’s side?

Or stay neutral?

Should we say “yes” to one and “no” to the other?

Should we add to the gossip?

Or should we remain silent?


It’s THEIR issues.

As long as these issues don’t affect our humanity or the humanity of the people involved…


What should we do?

Is there anything to do?

Won’t it be easier to realize that all this mess is not worth it?

Won’t it be easier to try our best to see the strengths of that person, behind all her/his weaknesses?


Why are we so good at making our lives miserable, as if there was not enough pain and suffering in this world?

I wonder.

What shall we do, when we face people not liking each other?

What shall we do, when we don’t own the problem?

Where shall we stand, when we don’t wish to be involved, when nobody is right or wrong?

Where shall we stand, when it’s all about the incompatibility of two characters?

I wonder.