Marie & Mister Pop

I am a woman, a sister, a friend, a true friend

I am a daughter, a mum in progress

I am a mum of one, one little man, one miracle of life

I am a learner, a witness, a secret girl

I am a child of God

I am a God believer


I went through depression and an abusive marriage

I kept living through darkness, thought I could not see any light above my head

I kept smiling, while my heart was in pieces and my life a complete mess

I am going through a divorce, but this too will end


I learnt that silence can do as much damage as a blow or a fist punch in the face

I learnt that scars can remain unseen

I learnt happiness is a personal choice

I learnt the raw nature of love


I am a seeker of peace, truth, serenity

I fight for justice and equality

I fight for respect and tolerance

I fight for human rights and human dignity


I am a writer

Writing is in the air I breathe

Writing is a passion

Even when words come uninvited, I let them be

Writing is my truth


A long time ago, I decided to discover the world, to get out of my zone of comfort and see what others had to offer.

I discovered this world, the blogging world, this other reality, this other truth.

I met people, women with a sense of humanity, women with words that moved me, women with a story to tell.

I started this space when I was about to get married. I wanted to share about love, my love for this man, about my joy of having him in my life, when all around me, my world was falling apart. We had a tough start. It was not a fairy tale. We also had a crazy end.

I kept writing on this space. People kept sending messages of love and peace. Friends kept me in their prayers.

I kept writing, moving, breathing, through grief and pain and loss. Every time I was about to give up, somebody was there with her hands full of love.

I kept writing in this space, my space of freedom, I kept writing about my thoughts, my doubts, my joys, and my life.

I started writing about my miracle, my little boy, the one I was so scared to give birth to, the one who teaches me every day what life is about, who shows me that beauty can be found everywhere, that laundry can wait another day, that life is not about suffering, but that loving is at the center of every encounter, every blessed relationship.

I keep writing for the pleasure, for the pleasure of being with you, for the chance I have of being alive and never alone.


5 thoughts on “Marie & Mister Pop

  1. Simply beautiful. You are such a good writer, Marie. I have never been able to get the hang of poetry but you have it aced. I especially love the last few sentences of this, that you keep writing for the pleasure. You get the pleasure out of writing and we get the pleasure it reading it. It’s a win-win! Much love from the US, my dear friend

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    1. It’s strange Amie cause I never thought that one day I could write poetry. I started when I was in Dublin. I remember well enough my first poem – It’s about death and how to handle it, about the warriors we are in face of such a tragedy.
      Thank you for your support and your friendship. It means a lot Amie. xx


  2. What a beautiful description. Never stop dreaming and enjoy every piece of the present Marie.
    The present is the gift. By the way, have you read that book by the way?…. from Spencer Johnson, the author of the famous: “Who moved my cheese?”
    I recommend you those 2 books. It’ll bright up your future.
    And read them in English; far more powerful 🙂 ❤

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