One moment portrait

Copyright @mariekleber37

I love taking photos when people don’t see me doing so. Cause when you ask somebody for a photo, immediately something is happening on her/his head and the authenticuty is fading. He or she will start acting weirdly, as if afraid of what’s coming next.

Most of the time, you hear “oh no I hate photos” or “I am not photogenic”, even worse “I am horrible” which are sad excuses! A photo is not about looking good but about taking the inside outside, it’s a question of essence, of who a person is and how to translate it in image.

So I love playing with my camera, I love trying things, watching through the lens and see how I can catch what I feel is right, what I feel the person should see about her/him.

Sometimes it’s working, sometimes not. But at least I am having fun and the person can stop pretending to be someone he or she is not!

One Sweet Moment

Credit Photo @mariekleber37

It’s funny how, with some photos, you are back to the moment you took them, back to this place where you decided that the scene was so delicate it has to be kept. There were so funny together, best friends forever. It’s what they were saying to each other. And in kids langage it’s the best promise you can make!

Gone the cries and the tears, the messy parts of days, gone the fights for the best place at the table or the chosen coloring book. Gone the noise that make us want to leave the place, the space and find somewhere a bit of silence and rest.

It was just a moment and it’s that sweet moment that I wanted to celebrate!