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I am still dreaming of this place. I know one day I will go back there. I have friends to meet and a country to show to my little boy. He is half French, half Egyptian. His cultural background is beautiful. He has so many things to discover that will link us to this country forever.
I have memories of peace. I have memories of loss.
I have words I remember, food I tasted with delight. I have images of people and places, of a house full of smiling women.
Some days I can hear the cock singing, the orange seller yelling, the men chatting outside and the women running around, preparing tasty Kochari and smoked fish.
I want to learn the language, to sing songs to my son, to listen to the music of the land walked by so many prophets.
I wish nothing has changed. But today everything is different, except the love I have for this country that I wish to pass on to my son.

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I still want to believe

I still want to believe in love.
I still want to believe I can realize my dreams.
I still want to believe in a better world.
I still want to believe we could be different and live happy together.
I still want to believe Mixed marriage can work.
I still want to believe non-violence is the best way to deal with conflicts.
I still want to believe people can change and become better.
I still want to believe life is full of good surprises.
I still want to believe a man can be a bad husband but a good dad.
I still want to believe in kindness and humanity.
I still want to believe life is a miracle.
I still want to believe I can recreate myself every day.
I still want to believe in love.

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Peace Within

I found peace in the middle of the desert
In a land full of memories
When a woman lived one day
I found peace near water
When boats arrive full of fishes
And the sun shines on the sea
I found peace in a small village
Where I could imagine children running
Images of forgotten dreams
I found peace in a tender gaze
A lost love
A forbiden place
But I have not yet found peace within myself
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Hopes, projects and dreams

Before I met him
I had hopes, projects and dreams
Of an harmonious life
And a house full of kids
When I met him
I gave up many things
Created new hopes, projects and dreams
Between Ireland, Egypt and here
When I left him
I lost my hopes, my projects and my dreams
Wondering how I could continue to live
Without his hand and the love we used to share
When I carry my son in my arms
In the tender gaze of his grey eyes
I see new hopes, projects and dreams
Between two rows of tears.

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Blogging Friends with a Precious Heart

When I started blogging I did it for the pleasure of writing, just this. And on the road, I crossed many lives and many people I would have never met otherwise.
Today all accross the world, some somen I never met became real friends. Friends without judgment and a heart full of love. Friends whose words and prayers mean the world to me. Friends who get out of their way to support me and understand my fears, my silence. Friends who send cards and read between the lines. Friends who are there and never ask for anything in return.
Pure Friendship. Pure Love.
These women are my amazing friends. And in the middle of the turmoil, they are the hearts who help me to stand up and walk away from pain, to not give up on Life.
These women are gifts from God. And to him I turn to give thanks for the chance I have to have them in my life.
They are my precious pearls, my forever halves.
One day I hope I can travel around the Globe to meet them, hug them and say Thank You for being You, for being my friends.

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A time to cry and a time to rebuild your life…….

There are times in life when nothing makes sense
When one day you leave everything behind
Your dreams, the love of your life, your job, your friends, your projects, your belongings, your memories, your gifts,……….
When one day you know nothing will be the same again, when the only thing you can do is crying and hoping the pain will end
When you only wish to die and forget everything that happened, when you keep asking yourself  “why?”
There are times in life when you can only see darkness around you
But when you look closer, you can distinguish at the end of the tunnel a ray of light
And you start hoping again, just a bit of hope every day
With the help of God
With the love of your family
With the constant support and kind words of your friends
With every one of your heartbeat
You start to see being alive is worth everything
You start to heal
And you understand it will be a hard battle to come to terms with your own demons and fears, with your feelings of shame and guilt
But you will fight for it, with your two littles fists
and the Love you carry with you from the beginning of time

There are times in life when you feel ready to rebuild what has been broken, to forgive and start again

In every smile, every gift, every experience shared

You find the strength to move on
And when you feel like giving up
You remember you are never alone,
hands and hearts are around to guide you back to Life.
Thanks to you all for your words, your prayers, your actions, your letters
Thanks for respecting my silence
Thanks for reminding me to have faith and believe
Thanks for giving me the chance to see the shy ray of sunshine in the middle of the darkness.

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Step out &Face the Rain

Thanks all for your participation. So here is the list I have, a very interesting one if I can say so:
Rainbow, Waiting, Compassion, Peace, Hope, Ocean, Smile Resurrection.


It’s dark outside and you don’t know what to do,
Grab your coat or stay inside, in your cosy home
Watching the news or reading a book
Make up your mind
And stop waiting
Ideas don’t fall from the sky
Step out in the rain
Even through the clouds
You might witness a rainbow
In every ray of the sun
There is a ray of hope
With every smile you share
You teach peace to the world
Life is a wide and beautiful ocean
Where people meet and share love
So many people wander the streets
Crushed under the heavy weight of terrible hardships
Looking up at the sky, full of hope
Praying for a resurrection that will bless th
eir souls
In your heart there is compassion
Don’t keep it locked
Outside in the rain
Somebody might need your help
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Golden Stars – 2

I saw these girls on the bus yesterday laughing out loud, joking about silly things, enjoying every minute.
It took me years back when you and me were the same crazy teenagers making up stories and talking to strangers in the street.

They reminded me of the time we met, share our lunch on a city bench, turning around ideas in our heads, trying to imagine the world, creating it a better way.

They reminded me time went by, oceans and countries have driven us apart, new faces have join the group and some have left, surely for good.

They reminded me we have been there for each other, sharing our joys and facing the most terrible challenges hand in hand. And we will always be.

They took me back to the time I thought friendship was a feeling I would be deprived of all my life – I did not seem to meet the good ones.

And then. They reminded me I would never be there without you.

My friends, from yesterday and today, you are treasures I am blessed to count on the 10 fingers of my hands.

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How Love defines itself

Love does not need words to express itself. 
Love lives in the silence of the heart. 
Love is there even when we don’t see it. 
Love is infinite and sacred.
Why do we always ask for words? Why do we always ask for proofs? Why do we always wish to carry love in a box, afraid it could fly away, it could leave us?

Love can’t be contained. 
It comes and goes and we can’t do anything about it.
Love is in the little things one can do for another. 
Love is free to exist when our hearts don’t ask for anything. 
Love only attracts Love. 
Love only deserves Love.
Love shows itself to the ones who are ready to receive it, who knows its power and have learnt its secrets.
Love is there in the eyes of the lover. 
Love is there in the softness of the touch. 
Love stands still – Nothing can distract it – Nothing can destroy it.
Love is by essence divine 
And only by accepting the sanctity of Love can we experience it truly.

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You Are Great

You have been taught as a kid that you were bad at sharing
You have been taught as a teenager that you were useless and a serious cause of disappointment
You have been taught as a young adult that you were attracting all the wrong people in your life
You have been taught that you would never fulfil your dreams, that you would never be somebody, that you would never be loved for who you are, that you would never be happy.

All of this is complete CRAP. Don’t listen to the voice that comes back with this refrain every time you are feeling bad.

Don’t change you, just change the way you look at you. Optimise your strengths. Who cares about the rest.


Please repeat this to you every time you are feeling down. You’re not only saving you, but helping the whole humanity. It’s worth trying!