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That Feeling

It comes with a sunny day
in the wind caressing your skin
with the flight of the birds in the blue sky
It comes with the rythme of the waves
in the freshness of the sea
with the sound of the water breathing
It exists at the core of life
in the soul of the Earth
with the dance of the clouds leaving shadows on the ground
It is there in every silence
in the passion of the fire
in the sun leaving gold stars on the buildings around
It is there
Just one step away
It creates colourful bubbles that live
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Our Own Destiny

The sun shines. He is loved and in some countries venerated.
When the sun says to the clouds: “please let me shine”
The clouds answer by fusing together
Till they cover the sky with darkness
When the sun says to the rain: “please let me shine”
The rain sends more water on Earth
And create puddles and floods
When the sun ask God: “Why you let the rain and clouds have more power than me?”
God says to the Sun: “You can’t have it all. Each one of us have our own destiny”
Then night comes on Earth and it’s time for the Sun to hide.
The Moon shows her face and help the world finds its way in the dark
When the Sun goes to sleep, the Moon says to him
“Rest well,
Tomorrow is another day,
Tomorrow you will try again

Your duty is to Shine.
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Seven Hearts

Dedicated to Mara, Dana, Asni, Sui, Balqis, Sie (your words this week-end mean the world to me)
& to Princess Fiona who introduce the Fibonacci Sonet to me.

Free Spirits
Talking to me
No limits to your friendship
No oceans, no seas, only love to share
When night falls on my side and my heart feels heavy and sad

*You reach out to me in the middle of the night, silence around, you are the shoulders I can cry on*

Your words heal my wounds, protect my tired soul, I am never alone
Blessings from above, sisters of heart, true friends
A poem, just some words
To Thank You
Free Spirits
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Mara from The United States

Believe it or not, I am so happy to share with you today another Interview. “Your Time To Shine” is back.
If things go well I will post one every 2 or 3 weeks. I am tied up on many things but when I read the answers I received I am so amazed that I think we all have treasures to share Ladies!
So today I present you Mara. Mara writes @ An Introvert’s Poetic Garden and @ From The Heart – Plain & Simple. Even though I like her poetry very much, I also love her other blog, she shares many ideas about life and good advices, inspirational thoughts.
Let’s get started! Hi Mara,

1. Where are you from?
– I currently reside in the United States with my husband.
2. How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
– To describe my personality style within a few words, I would say that I’m terribly introverted, I have a dislike for crowds and therefore, I thrive in an environment of solitude, and lastly, I am quite “shy” around people who I don’t know well.
3. Do you think in your country women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?
– Where I live in the United States, I feel that women are able to make their own decisions and choices. Of course, this doesn’t imply that everything works perfectly, for some choices women make are scorned, while others are celebrated. As a result, some choices may be made based upon what society expects of her.
With that said, I do feel that there is much pressure put upon women in the United States to “perform” (e.g., be beautiful, aim at all costs to have a slim and sexy body, obtain the “perfect job,” etc.). This creates the idea that women must take-on more tasks than they can reasonably handle (or want to handle).  I believe this problem is caused by clever advertisements that promote too many conflicting messages, and women may be unsure as to which path to choose. Unless the marketing industry changes their advertising agenda, unrealistic expectations will continue to be placed upon women.
4. One thing you learned from your mother and you would like to pass on to the next generation?
– My mother is a very patient, loving, and religious person. She is also very generous with giving and sharing her time and resources with other individuals. I must shamefully confess that I am lacking and/or deficient with some of these qualities. However, I pray that before I leave this earth, I will be able to instill in people the importance of loving others (as my mother has) without holding any grudges or irritations.
5. How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?
– I am not sure if I am comfortable with saying that my religious beliefs “empower” me as a woman. My belief and faith in God assists me in getting through each day of my life as humbly as possible. My religious faith also shows and instructs me which areas of my life I need to improve upon. Therefore, the goal of the Christian life, in my estimation, is to work towards contentment and simplicity. My Lord, Jesus Christ, is bestowed all the glory. If I happen to be “empowered” in any way, it’s only because of His great mercy and grace and nothing that I could ever do within my own strength.
6. A cause you support or would like to support? Why?
– My current occupation as a woman is a stay-at-home-wife (SAHW), which means that I choose to care for my home and family full-time even though God has not blessed me with children during this season of life. I “know” of a few SAHW, but it appears that most remain “quiet” because certain individuals in this society do not understand why certain women choose to stay home full-time instead of obtaining a job or career if there are no children present in the home. If there is any “cause” I would support, it would be for SAHW. We need to be supported and respected for our choice and decision instead of being looked-down upon, “silenced,” or ridiculed. I will also add that stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) need to be supported and respected as well.
7. What does friendship mean to you?
– I take my friendships very seriously. Though there is much I could say about this subject, in my estimation, a true friend should have at least these five qualities:
* A true friend should be able to accept you as you are without pre-conceived conditions, for no one is perfect.
* A true friend should be willing to listen to you and support you when you’re having “down times.”
* A true friend should be able to treat you with respect, though some of your cultural or religious belief may differ.
* A true friend should be real with you (e.g., be themselves). Phoniness has no place within a friendship!
* Lastly a true friend should be someone you can trust, as gossiping and mistrust can ruin a good friendship.
8. If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog.
– I started blogging August 2010. My main purpose for blogging has been to be able to connect with other women who have interests similar to myself. I like to “get to know” my blogging friends as much as possible, as we all need friends, connections, and communication. Secondly, I like to support and encourage women (though I’m imperfect with this) with blog posts that are geared to be inspiring, helpful, and motivational. I try to be as honest as possible within an open forum, but of course, some information, reflections and thoughts need to remain private.  
9. Your dream or ideal?
– I have some unrealistic dreams – the kind you know won’t happen, yet when you think upon them from time to time, they bring a smile to your face. However, as for more realistic goal setting dreams, nothing in particular comes to mind at the moment.
10. A word for the end . . .
I’ll end with this poetic phrase:
Learn to Accept Yourself
Your style
Unique, special
Rare, true, can’t be copied
And fabrications will be lost
Your style
Should be enjoyed, celebrated
Not hidden, masked, or veiled
So please embrace
Your style
Thank you so much Mara for adding your voice
I am delighted you decided to join, your poem will stay with me
as a beautiful reminder.
Thanks for showing us as well that SAHW & SAHM are doing a real job
and a hard one
that instead of letting others looking down at them,
we should support their actions
and fight for their life choices to be respected.
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Wafa from Saudi Arabia

As I told you yesterday we are back with a new Interview today. More answers I receive, more I like this idea. It’s interesting and inspiring to know about other women around the world. 
So today I present you Wafa. Wafa blogs @ My World and More. I am sure you will enjoy her Interview, and if you have some time stop by her place, she has a couple of great articles there! 

Where are you from?
I am from Saudi Arabia

How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
A woman who struggles with a lot of issues.

Do you think in your country Women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?
NO, they don’t have a voice sadly.
And a lot needs to be done for so many reasons, because it’s wrong for people-no matter what their gender –to live in an oppression state. Because we –human beings- are born to be free .Because my country gives the world the idea that it’s the source of what real Islam is and by oppressing women we give Islam a bad name.
(Oh that’s a huge and long topic to discuss, sadly)

One thing you learned from your mother and you would like to pass on to the next generation?
To never give up. My mother never said those words directly to me but everything she did and does tell you that in no way that this woman would give up.

How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?
I guess by being compassion and loving, these two qualities gives you the ability to rule the world and people’s minds and hearts.

A cause you support or would like to support? Why?
The end of poverty, I would love to work hard on this. To give people the opportunity to have enough to get the necessities of life for themselves and their children.

Any values you think are important in raising children nowadays?
To be compassion and to be considerate to other’s feelings and dreams.

What does Friendship mean to you?
It’s good to have someone you can lean on, but if –for any reason- you found yourself without a friend then that’s not the end of the world

If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog?
Yes, I am a blogger.
And I started mainly to have a voice, because I love to write, the main action of writing is a passion to me. Then it turns out to a vent and finally to a sharing platform.

What did you learn from the experience?
The idea that you know different people with different ideas and backgrounds is a huge experience in itself.
Your dream or ideal?
I lack different kinds of securities, so I guess that will always be a dream to be secure.

A word for the end…………….
Thank you so much for this interview and I would be so please to answer any questions your readers might have about me or my country.
Thanks a lot Marie

Thank you so much Wafa for adding your voice
Reading your answers helped me to know you a bit better
To remember Compassion and Love 
Can make the world a better place
And that whatever fears and doubts we have
To keep on walking.
Stay blessed and May you soon find the security you lack of.

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Mehreen from Pakistan

As promised, today we are back with a new Interview. 

First let me thank you all for your support, the comments and ideas you share, the kindness you show in reading me always.

Now let me introduce you Mehreen. She accepted to answer my questions and I am glad she did. 
Each interview has something special, each voice is unique and the wisdom each of you shared with us is precious. Mehreen blogs @ The Perfect Line, if you visit once you will never want to miss the next post, she has her own way to reach your heart.
So Mehreen,

1.  Where are you from?
I’m from Lahore, Pakistan and living currently in Oman.

2. How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
I would say I am still in the process of growing up into a woman who is a source of comfort for her family and loved ones; so right now, I can’t think of any definite words that can completely define me. I’m evolving.

3. Do you think in your country Women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?   
Women in my country are evolving but still I would say they are divided into two groups: one that have the courage to raise their voice against injustice and one that fears doing so. Justice needs to be prevailed in order to eliminate fear from women and to make them conscious of their rights.

4.  One thing you learned from your mother and you would like to pass on to the next generation?
My mother taught me to be honest in my dealings. Hard work and honesty takes you a long way. She also taught me to be honest to yourself and in front of God; it endears you in front of God.

5.  How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?
My religion Islam was the first religion that highlighted the rights of women. I need not debate the principles of my religion here but it has shaped me into who I am by setting my own limits and that of others.

6.  A cause you support or would like to support? Why?
The cause closest to my heart is the rights of special children and their place in our society as complete individuals like us. I have a brother who is special and I know he is special not because of lacking something, but because he has something we don’t have. You can read more about my cause here.

7.  Any values you think are important in raising children nowadays?
Raising children is hard work! I believe you need the really correct balance between being friendly with your children and being strict with them. You have to be friends with them so they can learn confidence in themselves. On the other hand, discipline and strictness is needed to stop your children from going over the board and landing into trouble of any kind. Of course, the trick is in finding that perfect balance.

8.  What does Friendship mean to you?
Friendship is a relation of trust. My best friend is my husband, so for me the definition of friendship runs so much deeper than the ordinary.

9.  If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog?
I am a blogger and I write at the perfect line. I love weaving stories and showing people how I view the world. I take my readers along a very heartfelt journey with me and I’m glad they are able to relate with it.

10.  What did you learn from the experience?
I learnt the healing power of words. My readers have showered me with love because what I say to them speaks to their hearts. I have matured as a writer and the credit goes to everyone who has been reading me all this time and taken the time to help me grow.

11.  Your dream or ideal?
My dream is to write a book and see it on the ‘Specials’ section in my favorite book store!

12.  A word for the end…………….
Be yourself. There is no one like you. Be your own kind of beautiful. Have faith and just a little courage. Knock ‘em dead, girl! J

Thank you very much Mehreen for your participation
Thank you for reminding us we are growing, evolving always
to be the best supporter of our loved ones.
I wish you all the best in your new life
And hope one day we will all read a book written by you
You have the talent, faith and passion to do it
So pursue your dream.

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Foz from The United Kingdom

Hello All, we are back with a new interview. You can find the previous ones at the beginning of this blog or on the right sidebar. 
I might change some of the questions, so if we are not here next week don’t worry we will surely be back the following one. If you want to participate, feel free to contact me
For today I am happy to share with you a new voice – Foz from Muslim Mummy agreed to answer my questions:

1. Where are you from?
UK but my family is originally from Pakistan.
2. What are you doing in Life – Job, Occupation?
I work with the Citizens Advice Bureau as a welfare rights specialist.
3. Do you think in your country Women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?
Yes definitely. We have women in high powers of position and also had a female prime minister. However although in reality women DO have a voice there are often groups of women who don’t have a voice. For example I was once an Asian language advice worker for women. The Asian men did not like it and basically said our women are hard enough to control as it is and now you are telling them their rights. It truly saddened me that that kind of mentality still exist.
4. If you had a message you could send out to girls / women in the world, what would it be?

Be proud of who you are. Stand up for your beliefs and dreams. You can achieve whatever you want and don’t let any many tell you otherwise; they are just scared at our potential.
5. How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman? 
There is a common misconception that Muslim women are second class and have no rights. That is untrue; you only have to look at the history of Muslim women to see how successful some were. Also woman have many more rights in Islam than some realize which is empowering in itself.
6. Before you leave this world, what change would you like to see or experience?
This may sound clichéd and what a beauty queen would say but genuinely world peace. It would be wonderful if we could all live together without hating each other because of religion. I would love to see the world rid of starvation and homelessness. I would like society in general to improve as it seems to be going downhill with crime rates rising.
On a personal level I would love to see my children happy and achieving their full potential
7. Any values you think are important in raising children nowadays?
One of the values that need to be instilled in children is the concept of family. There are so many children who do not seem to care that they have parents, brothers and sisters; their friends appear to mean more to them. Children need to be taught respect and also be respected and treated appropriately
8. Friendship is a precious gift. What does it means for you?
Friendship for me means someone who you share things with, trust and respect, who you treat as a sister. A friend tells you the truth and not what you want to hear. Who is there for you in the good times and the bad.
9. If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog?
I first started to blog when a friend suggested I blog about my work as at that time I worked in a prison and she thought it would be interesting.
I then realized that t would be difficult as I would have to be careful about I revealed and in all honesty I hated going into prison so didn’t want to blog about it at the end of the day. I then just moved onto a simple blog where I just wrote about my daily life and it seems to have taken off!
10. Are you pleased by the experience?
Yes, I have come across some wonderful inspirational blogs and also met some lovely bloggers.
11. Your favorite pleasures?
Spending time with the family
Have some quiet time to myself to read a book
12. A word for the end…………….
I will keep it simple and end it with one of my favorite quote.
‘To dream of the person you want to be, is to waste the person you are.’ Unknown

Thank you so much Foz far sharing your thoughts with us
for showing we CAN more than we think sometime
and remembering us to be proud of who we are 
(I think it’s something we need to keep in mind as we tend to underestimate ourselves too often)
Stay blessed.

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Moon from Oman

First thanks for your support, kindness, comment. Your presence is very important and seeing the many visits I receive every day I know I got the idea for a purpose! 
Now it’s our interview of the day. I have changed some of the questions, as you’ll see if you read the series from the beginning. 
Today I am very pleased to receive Moon from Oman. Moon is blogging @ moOn Smile (English) & MoOn Smile (Arabic). Moon also have a cooking blog you can follow here
A great Thank You to her, and now place to Moon’s voice – Enjoy!

1.                  Where are you from?

I am from the Sultanate of Oman, which is located in the Middle East. I live in the capital city of Oman, Muscat (attached pictures of Oman)

2.          What are you doing in Life – Job, Occupation?

I am a speech and language therapist, I work in a hospital, where I see both children and adult patients. I see communication and swallowing cases.
Currently I am studying (MBA-masters in business administration) and soon to finish in few months inshallah (if God wills)

3.       Do you think in your country Women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?

If you look at it in broad way, Oman is one of the few Islamic/ Arab countries that women have gained many rights.
They are educated equally to men, they can do any job they want even joining the arm forces, we have women ministers, we have women everywhere. We are paid like men in all jobs etc etc.
However, if you ask me personally as a woman and a mother, I believe I want things that are not related to me being equal to men. We need more consideration when we are pregnant; we need somewhere to put our children at when they encourage us to work. We need better services that can take care of divorced, widowed and single lone women.  We need services that will find abused and harassed women and support them. I can go on and on about this 😀

4.           If you had a message you could send out to girls / women in the world, what would it be?

I’ve seen it everywhere and thus I will tell all women:
You are an entity, you are your own planet, so don’t let your life be running around other people (e.g. husbands, friends) till you erase your own personality. Happiness comes within your heart and don’t look for others to make you happy. Be an independent beautiful soul.

5.        How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?

It gives me peace; it empowers me to move on. The peace comes from my lone time praying to my God, it comes from remembering to be kind to others and the rewards I receive from being so. Moreover, it empowers me when I know as a woman I’ve been given a high place in the eye of God for being kind to my parents, husband, siblings, others and specially my children. It gave me so many rights I am so grateful to have.


6.         Before you leave this world, what change would you like to see or experience?

The one thing I hate most is the injustice that so many nations are facing, and individuals especially children are made to cope with. I would like this to end.
Moreover I’d love to see my country’s coming generation better that the ones I see nowadays.

7.         Any values you think are important in raising children

I believe children nowadays are more prone to terrible things. So I believe in raising my children to be my best friends. Moreover, it is important to develop their personalities into being strong leaders as well as with emotional and social intelligence.

8.           Friendship is a precious gift. What does it means for you?

Friendship for me is when I can cry as much as I want and rumble as much as I can with a friend who’d hug me tight. A friend for me is someone who never blames because they always know what is in my heart for them.

9.          If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog?

I started blogging because I love writing and so I wanted to improve my skills. Moreover I wanted to have a diary that I and my children can go back to one day and know how their mother felt at each stage of her life.
I started my recipe blog because I had hard time starting to cook with no specific guidance and lots of mocking around, so it is something that my children can refer to in the future.

10.        Are you pleased by the experience?

Yes, but I find it unpleasing that I am not giving my blogs enough time.

11.         Your favorite pleasures?

Reading a really good book, having a laugh with my hubby, spending time with my mom and dad and siblings, receiving a good massage :D, listening to my kids talking about a new thing they learnt, and baking.
12.     A word for the end…………….

Thank you very much for this opportunity to talk about myself. I really admire your effort on making such a beautiful idea and bringing it to life.

For all women out there, stay beautiful, never try to acquire any masculine attitude,,, you are beautiful as you are, sweet, kind and feminine.

Photographs attached are taken from which belongs to my brother with his permission. They are all of Oman and the boy is my eldest son three years ago

Thank you so much for this beautiful testimony
thank you for sharing your ideas, it is so empowering.
Especially for reminded us that awomen, we are beautiful!
May you and your family stay blessed always.

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Zarina from South Africa

Hi Everybody. I hope you are doing good and enjoying a nice week. Today is our time to let women talk, and today we have the chance to receive a woman who makes a difference. 
Before letting you read Zarina’s Interview in peace, I would like to say a couple of words. 

I crossed Zarina’s journey as I started reading one of her post talking about Muslim Women. I never believed what I heard about Muslim Women in the Media, I always found in them grace and peace, so I wanted to know more. Zarina blogs @ Muslim Women Exposed & @ How To Deal.

From this day I never missed reading one post.
First because Zarina is writing well, she knows how to speak and without any word of disrespect or judgement for others who might have a different opinion. 
And because the world would need more voices like hers. She enriches my life in many ways and in her voice I see some of my dreams. 

1 – Where are you from?

Johannesburg, South Africa

2 – What are you doing in Life – Job, Occupation?

I work in the psychology field. I do counseling, workshops training sessions with women and also educational and psychological assessments with people.

3 – Do you think in your country Women have a voice?  If not, what do you think could be done?
Yes I do think that women in my country have a voice. Women have an important role to play in all sectors of South African society and women hold important positions in politics, etc.

But it’s the other voice of women that I think is far more important. Women have been having a voice as mothers, grandmothers, daughters and sisters, for ages. Even before women’s liberation and feminism, women have had a voice within their families and this has had an impact on society. In today’s times I feel that this voice of women is de-emphasized and regarded as more inferior, when in fact this voice of women has the potential to bring about real and important changes in society.  

4 – If you have / had a girl, what is t
he Golden Rule you would like to pass on to her?

I don’t have any children yet but if I had a girl I would want to pass on to her the importance of being a woman and the uniqueness in the roles that a woman has to play. I would want to emphasize to her that she can pursue any path in life but she should not ever feel the need to live up to any one else’s ideals. I would teach her about the importance of religion because for me religion has brought about true liberation.
I would want her to respect men for who they are without trying to be like them or compete with them. Most of all, I would want her to never ever allow anyone to take advantage of her, and I would remind her that she is special in her own way and that she should feel good about herself simply because she is a creation of the Almighty.

5 – How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?

To be honest, for me my religious beliefs are what empowers me the most as a woman. I have not yet seen true empowerment result from the modern women’s liberation movement or feminism. All that I have seen from this is women trying to become like men, believing that when they reach the ideals and standards of men then they are empowered.

My religion (Islam) has shown me true empowerment which is ironic when you consider what people have to say about Islam and women today.

Islam has taught me that I have value, not as a physical body but as a whole human being. By covering up my beauty it has taught me that people should respect me as someone with intellect. It has also made me feel honoured and protected.

Besides this, it has taught me that I don’t have to live up to the standards of men, because the standards of the Creator far surpass any human standards.

It has empowered me by telling me that I have a right to knowledge, that I should be provided for and protected and that if I choose to work then whatever I earn belongs to me and no one has rights to it.

It has empowered me by reminding me that in the eyes of Allah, men and women are equal and that the only thing that will make one better than the other is their actions, good deeds and piety.

The history of women in Islam, specifically during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) has shown me that I have the potential to play an important role in society without compromising my faith or chastity.

6 – Before you leave this world, what change would you like to see or experience?

There are many actually, but I’ll try to keep this short J

I’d like to see all forms of exploitation stopped, especially economic exploitation of people who work hard to earn an honest living.

I’d like to see resources and wealth distributed equally so that more than half the world’s population doesn’t suffer while a few people live in luxury.

I’d like to see all forms of oppression stopped.

I’d like to see the people of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and basically the whole of Africa liberated from oppressive regimes.

I’d like to see honest leaders in the world.

I’d like people to move back towards religion.

Basically I’d like to see humanity progressing in terms of human values instead of regressing and becoming worse while believing that the world is progressing.

7 – A Cause you would support?

Poverty alleviation
Stop women and child abuse
Stop oppression and exploitation of all sorts.
8 – Friends are important people in our lives – We would all agree I think. What means friendship for you?

Friendship is a beautiful gift because friends can take on roles in your life that no one else can. Friends are able to lift you up and make you laugh. They are able to support you in times of need. But the best thing about friends is that they are always able to see the good in you and they can be honest about the bad.

9 – If you are a blogger, could you please describe your motivation to start a blog?

I started blogging because I was tired of hearing all the negative things that people were saying about Islam and more specifically about Muslim women. Most of what I heard in the media etc was a whole lot of nonsense to me.
I needed a way to express my experiences, thoughts and opinions so that people had a different perspective a more positive one and so at least when they decide on their own opinion about Islam and Muslim women, then they have both sides of the story.

10 – How this has benefite
d your life?

It’s given me the opportunity to connect with women from all over the world. It’s given me hope when I read about women’s life stories and experiences.
It’s taught me a lot about the things that other women out there in different places have to go through.

11 – Your favorite pleasures?

Eating dark chocolate
Sitting down with a good book
Observing nature, especially the sea
Spending time connecting with my Creator.
Spending time with family and friends.
(Not in this order, obviously some of these things are more of a favorite than others)

12 – One last word………….

Well I’d like to thank Marie for taking the time out to give women a voice and for always being so willing to understand other people.

I’d also like to say that women have a lot of strength and potential, but this strength cannot be accessed by continuously trying to live up to men. By making ourselves equal to men in all regards we are actually bringing ourselves down and denying the uniqueness and the beauty of being a woman. 

Thanks Zarina, from the bottom of my heart
Your words touch me and show us
as Women we have an important role to play
a role that is not to be like men (as society wants us to believe).
We have been made different for a reason
Let’s work on redefining ourselves
and honouring our Femininity.

Stay Blessed Zarina
May you be rewarded for your efforts and the love your share
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Amie from The United States

I have to say this one came as a surprise. My dear friend Amie who blogs @ A Meaning of an Optimist announced great news last week and I truly thought she would not be able to complete this before her big move…………but she did and I am delighted cause she has some ideas I always shared without saying them out loud!
Time to hear Amie’s voice now: 

1. Where are you from?
 I’m from the United States of America.
2. What are you doing in life – job, occupation?
A couple months ago, I worked at the front desk of the Hilton. I quit that job to move closer to my brother, and help him get back onto his feet after he got divorced. I do the cooking/laundry/cleaning and nannying his two toddlers, and that is my job for the time being :). But I am in the process of looking for a job that gets me outta the house!
3. Do you think in your country women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?
It goes without saying that the women in the United States have not only a voice, but a strong one at that. Thanks to all of the women’s rights movements and acts that have happened from the beginning till now, we ladies have been liberated to vote, to work equal jobs as men, and to accomplish our dreams. We can do whatever we want, well, most things. We have been given a voice and we have made it clear that we demand to be treated the same as men. 
However, in my personal opinion, we have spoken up so much that it has backfired on us, in a way. Back in the simple days, the roles of man and woman were, well, simple: the man was the breadwinner, who worked and provided for the family; the woman was the caretaker of the home, requiring her to stay home and keep the house in order. 
Now the roles are mixed, and in recent studies in the US, it is the women who are obtaining the college degrees and getting the jobs. It is starting to look as if more women are working than men. But the cruel irony of all this is that after all of the women’s rights movements and liberations we have demanded, even after the college degrees and jobs we have been working, there is still that unspoken expectation of women to be the caretakers of the home. Yes, we have gained freedom to work but we still are expected to fulfill our house duties. 
In the media, who do we see taking care of the children? Mom. Who do we see in the commercials cleaning up the house? Women. We are still being expected to fulfill our duties, no matter how hard we work outside the home. And that is why I say it has backfired on us, to a point. It is a major kink that I am not sure will ever be smoothed out.
I am thankful that I am living in the US, and that I have the freedom that women before me worked so hard to achieve. 
I am a blessed woman to be able to make choices that women in other countries cannot. And the choice I make will be that when I become a mother, I will embrace my womanhood and the role that God has made for me, and be a stay-at-home mama!
4. If you have/had a girl, what is the Golden Rule you would like to pass on to her? 
Out of all the commandments in the bible, there are two that Jesus Christ pointed out as the most important: Love your God, and Love your Neighbour as you would yourself. Those are the commandments that God has etched into my heart and I pray that my future children will be blessed by following these commandments as well. That’s really more than one golden rule but hey, they kinda go hand-in-hand :). 
However, that is for all of my children, both girl and boy. After thinking about it and thinking about my own childhood, the rule I would like to instil into my daughters would be that their purity will be the best gift to give to the one they love and marry someday. 
And that once they lose their virginity, they will never get it back. That sex is meant for marriage, and that it is a gift from God, and should be treated as such. That if any boy tries to rush her, that she has the power to say no. 
I would want my daughters to know that they are more than worth the wait, and that if any boy tries to convince them otherwise, then she deserves better.

5. How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?
Being a servant of God and a follower of Jesus, I am liberated to be a woman!!  According to the Creator, it is the woman’s place to be at home and to be caretaker of all that goes on in the home. And I am so thankful for this role, and thankful that He didn’t say, “And the women shall go out and sweat and toil over the earth!” Simply put, my Creator made me to be the homemaker and helpmeet to my husband. 
I am happy to be the one supporting and encouraging, and not the one leading. And I know once we have kids, I will be one blessed woman to be fulfilling my heavenly call, to be at home and make it a peaceful haven for my family! 
I do not know one mother who would rather go out and work rather than stay home with her child. Yes, I full-heartedly believe that our Creator made us ladies to be this way for a reason! Praise the Lord for that!
6. Before you leave this world, what change would you like to see or experience?
Ideally? I’d like to see the roles of men and women back into their rightful place. I’d like to see men be men, to go out and provide for their families instead of leaning on the wife for help. 
I’d like to see the mothers taking care of their own children, instead of always booking babysitters or taking them to daycare. Kids need motherly love, and they just are not getting it. I guess I could say that I am old-fashioned.
7. A Cause you would support?
Anything to do with God, and anything to do with the school system.
8. Friends are important people in our lives – we would all agree I think. What means friendship for you?
To me, friendship means a special bond that two people share. Kinda like an inside joke that only the two of you understand :). To be a friend is to be someone who will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. To be there when you need them, an emotional support and someone you can laugh with and be yourself with. Friends are so important!
9. If you are a blogger, could you please describe your motivation to start a blog?
I started my blog in February 2011, and at first, the only motivation I had for starting it was using it as an outlet. I was a in rough spot at that time, spiritually and emotionally. 
The workplace I worked at was full of gossip, and just flat out evilness all around. It was a dog-eat-dog world there and I definitely did not fit in. It was a good lesson for me, but I desperately needing an outlet for something positive. I wanted to join the blogging world to reach out to other women who were positive and encouraging, so I myself could be encouraged. And it worked 🙂 Today, I know some pretty amazing ladies through blogger, and 
I have been so blessed by the good influence they have in my life.
After awhile, I wanted to transform my blog into something that other lost and depressed ladies could turn to for encouragement. A blog that shared the good things in life, that shared my faith in Christ and the lessons I learn with Him, and of course, FOOD!!! I am a foodie and just recently, I have been posting recipes. So, my blog is kind of a mixture of sorts.
10. How has this benefited your life?
Whoops 🙂 I already stated this in my last answer but I would love to give you an more in-depth answer here. Blogging has been a HUGE impact on my faith in Christ, a big step forward in expressing my own faith. Blogging has also enriched my life with friendships with other lady bloggers who also blog about encouragement, Marie being included. If anyone has stood out in supporting me and keeping my chin up, it’s her. 
11. Your favorite pleasures?
My favorite pleasures, hmm. Music has always been one of my favorite pleasures, I have played the piano since I was seven and I have had earphones glued to my head since as long as I can remember. To experience a day without music is torture to me, because it is how I heard the Lord most. I can hear His love for me through music, like it is His love song. 
Secondly, I would say exploring unknown places with my husband. He is my playmate, my best friend, and we love going out and having adventures. He makes fun of me because I have to take pictures of everything. My heart flutters every time my hubby says to me, “Lets go out for a drive and see what we find.” 
Thirdly, I would say cooking and food. I challenge myself to go outside the box and rarely cook the same dish twice, and when I do cook it again, it’s because it’s that delicious. I am blessed to have all sorts of cooking and food at my fingertips!
12. One last word…
Aw Marie, just one? 😉 Unfortunately, what I wanna say will definitely include more than one word. In this last question, I want to share my testimony in how I found Christ. 
Everyone has their story, and this is my own. I grew up going to church, however, the church that my family went to was what hardened my heart. My brother and myself faced quite a bit of discrimination, and I was very confused about God the whole time going there. 
God said that He loved me, but I couldn’t feel any love in this church. When I was old enough, about 12 years old, I told my parents that I would no longer be attending that church, which of course, didn’t sit well with them. But they respected my decision nonetheless.
After a year or so, and after exploring what other people do to find peace and happiness in this world, I still found myself empty. Feeling pointless, like a piece of dust on this earth. I found myself going back to the bible, and reading what Jesus had to say. The more I read, the more I felt…full. Happy. Complete. I then, on my own, gave my heart to Christ and realized that it wasn’t the religion that God wants, it’s the relationship. 
From then on, I have followed Christ. And that is my story :). Thank you, Marie, for letting me write here on your blog, I have been honoured.

Thanks Amie. 
Old fashioned, maybe it’s what some would say. 
As for me I think you pointed out perfectly the importance of  roles 
between men and women.
Society want us to think we are the same
when we have been created with different characteristics and strengths
for a reason.
And you showed us that as women we still have the choice:

Motherhood being a blessing, we don’t have to feel bad deciding to stay home to look after our children.
Being able to work is a blessing too, we don’t have to stay at home if we don’t feel like it.

Be blessed always in your life, your future
and continue the journey with the same amount of love and kindness
We all walk different roads
but our hearts stay close.