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Perfect picture

Copyright Marie Kléber

Blue sky
I can catch it
Between the green
Of the trees

Perfect sight…

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Creation Day

Copyright Marie Kléber

The day will start
With a smile

One that carry with him
All around the place

The promise of a day
Full of creativity
For those able to be open to it!

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A very special day

Copyright Marie Kléber

It happened by surprise. One day, it came and never left.
I had it within me? Maybe.

For what I know it was a simple joy that became my worst nightmare for 4 years. Just at the idea of it, I could feel my body aching and my mind racing. It was the time of the day I’d like to skip, the hour I wanted to erase from the memories.

The first years after that, it was tough. I would find myself hearing voices and feel like crap again.

One day it changed. One day it felt natural. One day I would find solace in it. One day I relalized it was one of my way to say “I love you”.

The day the love of cooking came into my life was a very special day…