Copyright MK

Got lost in vibrations
That weren’t mine
It’s crazy how the world
Wants to mold you
So you can fit in boxes

Not the ones you know about
All the other ones that
Make you feel like
There’s always something missing in you

Boxes all covered with beautiful lights
Made of beautiful words
Words that charm and bewitch you
Promising you eternal happiness
If only you follow the path outlined

And if you are not sure enough
If you feel a bit lost
If you don’t know why you’re here
Or where you’re heading for
You’re in great risk of losing yourself…

Inside my head

I am watching you

Don’t faint

Don’t cry

Don’t show me your scars

Be brave

Be strong

Fit in the world that I shaped

Don’t try to be different

Or you’ll fail…


I don’t care what you see

I often fall into pieces

I often let tears flow

My scars are the victories I cannot hide

I know when to be brave

How to be strong

I won’t fit in to please you

I am unique

I will succeed…