His story

It happened.

It came from nowhere. And suddenly the tough went away with its mysery and hours of questions unanswered.

It was in his smile and in his way he made it clear that he was ready to play a new game, not the one played by others, a new one, filled with brightness and joy.

He did cry first, understanding what had happened before, when he was not even born. Words on pain. And tears following the words. To ease the pain of this discovery.

One day, kids are babies and one day, they grow up, they are ready to hear what you tried to hide from them, they are willing to listen to your story.

After all, it’s their story too. And if you did remain silent for a while it was to protect them. Respect them.

But this time is gone…

And truth has to be revealed with words of peace.

Autumn through the years

I remember. The first autumn. When you were in my belly, when I used to talk to you about the season, about my wishes for the ones to come.

I was happy in a way. Leaves were turning brown and I was drafting our future, the walks we would do hand in hand, the sound of the rain, the rustle around, the song of the wind, the warmth of a sunday afternoon by the sea.

Knowing you were there gave me the strenght to live through the dark hours ahead. I was not alone anymore and I could tell you about all the beauty, all the wonderful of life. I never doubted it. I never allowed anybody to come between you and me.

Autumn was tender when winter was harsh. I lose my mind many times. And yet I kept talking to you, like a madwoman most of the time. But I cared you know. I cared so much. I wanted the best for you and I took the chance, even if it came with chaos and violence, even if at a time I thought of giving you away. So somebody else could take care of you.

Year after year, autumn comes as a reminder of love shared, of love like the most powerful tool to overcome the worst. I knew I would not have left if it’s not for you. You were the green light on the road, that we took together, hand in hand. Always.