Thoughts on…

We may think we are free. Till we realize we are enchained. By limited thoughts and the choices made.

We are the ones who can change the deal. Every single moment. But are we ready for it? Ready to face the unknown and maybe the disillusion in the eyes of the ones we love?

Is there love when we are trying to make everything fit in a life that can’t hold it? When we are hiding ourselves behind the veil of doubt?

What are we ready to lose? What are we ready to give in?

Where is the truth between the thin line of two lives we are knitting together so we don’t have to choose, only to hope it would last ?

Is love enough to hold us tight?

Our story

Copyright Marie Kléber

Somewhere someone

Is writing a story

Just like you and me

It’s about joy and loss

About love and pain

It’s about being free

Or feeling trapped in the same schemas

About loving, being loved

Or emotional insecurities

Some will see beauty in the midst of chaos

Some will only see chaos

It’s a choice we make

Every single day

A choice that make our story unique