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A place of freedom

Copyright Marie Kléber

I knew somehow that it was within me
This freedom
This wish to experience
And enjoy life to the fullest

I took a road
Not the wrong one
Just one that took me so far away from myself
Far from joy
Far from life

I got a taste of what it is to become
Someone else
To behave like a robot
Learning what to do and how to do it well

I got to taste living in a place
Where emotions were
to be buried inside
Where some subjects were
Dangerous to talk about
Where a word could be a weapon

I knew somehow that one day I would breath again
I would smile and laugh and experience
I would have fears that I could conquer
I would know love
And what it means to feel free to show my feelings
To talk about my dreams
To express who I am
In so many different ways

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There are million ways to express ourselves…

Trying my hands at painting these days. No words, just silence to welcome the inspiration. Whatever it is…

Copyright Marie Kléber
Copyright Marie Kléber

What is your way?

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Let me be…me

Let me breath
Let me be

Not the way you imagined me
Just the way I am

Messy at times
Unsure of what to say
And how to say it

Loud and insecure
Raising my voice against things
You think are not worth fighting for

Let me see the best in others
Even if you think it’s naive

Let me go my way
Even if not the way you’d take

Let me smile and cry
And say some days are too much
I can’t cope and that’s fine
Tomorrow will be better

I know it would be easier for you
If I could fit in boxes
If I could follow a road that many took before
Knowing where the footprints are

But it would mean being someone I am not
I did it for too long
I don’t want it anymore…

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The fear battle

Copyright Marie Kléber

Don’t engage in a battle with me
You think you know
Till you chose to let go

I see you taking out your warrior outfit
Thinking I can be defeated

But I am the winner of all time
I am the test you ought to face

Fight me and you’ll discover
That nothing can resist me

Just allow me to be
And you’ll find the key
To control me

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The woman inside

Crédit – Pixabay

She is the gold inside

The winner of the game

She is the precious smile

The holder of values

She breaks free

Whenever she feels trapped

She could find her place

In Paradise

She is the passion inside

The writer in the shade

She stands still

Whenever the sky turns dark

She is the shadow

Behind the veil of time

She is the treasure inside

The fire freeing the soul

She is the key keeper

The fairy dust on the shade

Whenever she loses track of time

She finds peace within

Her own place of safety