Autumn is coming…

Summer is gone. We could not bear it anymore – too hot. We were looking for fresh air everywhere. Kids grew cranky and grow-ups tired, in the blazing heat of early September.

I look outside, it’s pouring rain. It feels so good – a relief. It smells like a sweet pie just out of the oven, ready to be savored. My whole body shivers – pure pleasure. It’s a blessing after these busy days. And the beginning of a new season too.

Autumn is my favorite. I like everything about it, its sounds, its colors, its warmth, the pleasure we get to be inside and enjoy the comfort of our own homes, that we tend to let down when the sun is high is the sky. I love being able to spend hours in the kitchen, playing with new recipes or just relax on the couch in front of a good movie. I love entire days reading books and building sacred spaces with a couple of chairs and a blanket, cuddling on cushions and playing games all together. I enjoy a lot being inside, dressed in one of my must-loved home-wear clothes; let the window open and the cold air of outside caressing the skin of my face with gentleness. I love testing new teas and hot-chocolates, baking scones or making jam. And meeting friends in our favorite coffee-shop, looking at Paris getting ready for the year-end festivities.


I love scarves, boots and comfy coats, gloves and the touch of wool. Walking in nature and staring gracefully at the leaves falling down, changing colors, at the naked trees standing still.

Autumn. A time to breath and relax, to relax and let go, to let go and take care of ourselves, to take care of others and forgive ourselves, to forgive and move on, to move on and enjoy each second of the present, to enjoy life and remember that today is perfect and that we too are perfect, in the eyes of Creator. Nothing else should matter.

Autumn. A time to shine inside…

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The urge to write – From darkness to light

You know this urge, the one that nothing seems able to stop, and the one that keeps you awake till the morning like – the urge to write and empty yourself on the paper in front of you.

I felt it, just after Paris Attacks last November. I could not breathe without my pen in my hand and my heart wide opened to let go of all the pain inside me. I could not go out without fear attached to every part of my body. I could not make sense of all this blood on the pavements, all this craziness.

So I did the only thing I could do to overcome the painful sadness, the ugly anger. I kept writing till there was nothing left to say, to understand, to empty, to say, to shout out loud. I kept writing and re-writing and changing things and creating images in my mind. Typing and coming to terms with my own weaknesses, my dark side. Writing and finding the Light again.

Six months later I have it in my hands – my second poetry book. All is there. All that I want to tell you. All that I want to share, for a better and brighter world. I won’t let darkness, shadows, violence or hatred kill my faith and my ideals, my freedom and my love for Life and People. I’ll always stand up for what I believe in and what I wish to create, with my words, my voice and my life.

All the profits will go to a French Charity organization, created by the mother of a military man killed in 2012 by a terrorist. She is working with kids and young adults, visiting schools and prisons, promoting interreligious dialogue, peaceful coexistence and fighting against radicalization.


I wonder whether I should try to get these poems translated in English. It’s quite delicate. As words come in one language or the other. I don’t choose. In the meantime, feel free to share the love, peace and light that you and the world deserve!

Another kind of prayer

When I don’t have time to stop

The crazy speed of my busy life

When I can’t stop the race

And sit down for a while

I remember

That you are there with me

In the folding, the washing, the cleaning

In the hoovering, the ironing, the sweeping

In the sheets to hang

In the beds to make

In the cooking madness

In the table to set

In the laundry basket

In the rushing around


You are there

I can then stop worrying

Stop feeling guilty

Not having enough time

To sit down and talk to you

To sit down and say thank you

I offer you my day

As a prayer

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Going through a divorce…

When you think it’s over, something pops up

And it’s another rollercoaster machine that takes you by surprise

You feel low

You just want to cry “I so want it to be over”

You feel anger rushing back inside your heart

The same anger that had left you some time ago

The one you tamed and finally let go of

Something inside you says “this will never end”

But it will end, at some stage


Tonight I had to deal with one of this news that makes you want to fly at the other end of the world without a word

That makes you want to meet your ex and tell him “stop messing with me. It’s over anyway. Don’t make me pay for something you destroyed with your own hands, you own fucking crazy mind”

Instead I came home, took my pillow out and shouted, shouted so loud that I had to cover my ears.

It felt so good.

And then I punched in the pillow.

A way to let go.

And I prayed, my head on the floor, telling God to help me understand why suddenly this has to pop up. Surely there is something behind this, something good. I asked him to show me what. What is good? Something I can’t see right now.

And I put the music out loud and danced in the dark.

And I took some paper, paint and a brush and I started painting. Another way to release pain, frustration, anger.

And I took the computer out and wrote these words.


Going through a divorce is tough.

And when people ask me “have you started dating again?”, I am short of words…

Now tell me how do you deal with “bad news”, how do you manage to let go of anger?

The Best Blogs on the Rocks – The Faithful Butterflies

To say “I BELIEVE” in today’s world is kind of brave. Whatever you believe in. God. The Light. Jesus. The last Prophet. Buddha. Angels. Reincarnation. Resurrection…

These two words are a true act of faith. These two words come straight from the heart. These two words drive our daily life and our relationship with others.

These women are not afraid of saying “I BELIEVE”.

2015-01-20_11 42 15_resized (2)

First, there is Zarina, blogging @ I met her when searching about Islam and looking for true facts about what it is to be a Muslim Women. In France for example, most people are focusing on the negative aspects of religion. They tend to stigmatize Muslim women, without trying to understand them, their choice or their way of life. And then I met Zarina and the way I was thinking about Muslim women and Islam in general changed. She is inspiring me to look closely at the beauty of God’s creation, the preciousness of life and the importance of faith, cause when life is all upside down, turning towards God is the only way for us to find peace in the turmoil.

Let me introduce you now to Milena, blogging @ Why do I love reading her words? Because they are like honey to my soul. Milena shares poems that she writes, about her feelings, her life, about healing, meditation and rebirth. We are all searching for something, loving, feeling afraid, being full of doubts, looking for peace and dealing with loss. We are a work in progress. She believes in a higher power, in the God and the Goddess, in the power of the Earth, in the Light we all carry within us.

I’ll finish with Itto –, living with her husband and her four children in the Moroccan Atlas. She created some years ago a school for the kids in the Mountains. She is inspiring in a way that she makes everything look beautiful, joyful, peaceful, and serene. That does not mean that life is a bed of roses. It only means that we are the creator of our lives and that, with the help of God, we can transform ourselves and the world.


Full stop. No need to say in what or who.

I BELIEVE and these 3 women made it possible for me to say these two words, after many years of inner doubts and worries.