Writing Prompt #15

It was there before And would live forever A secret like this Love know by few And yet forbidden Memories are fading As they’re getting old But love remains As the only thing dear to hold on Soon… A story lost between Pages of time This is my piece of poetry as part of WritingContinue reading “Writing Prompt #15”

Our truth lies within darkness

There is something inside That we hide Something we don’t want others to see We don’t want to know It could burn our eyes It could destroy the image we have There is a part of darkness A stream of shadows Hanging around There is unfolded nightmares Anger and violence Jealousy and pain Until weContinue reading “Our truth lies within darkness”

The life we choose

Nothing ever prepared us to live a life that was not meant for us. We spent years trying to figure out what the world wants, how to be accepted, recognized, how to fit in. And one day we discover that all of this, is complete builshit. Our truth lies in childhood fun and dreams. It’sContinue reading “The life we choose”

We are all artists

You may think you are not one of them. Limits are your own, only. Some words you might have heard as a kid. Some thoughts you might have kept for years. Till one day… You decide to try, to give it a go. Till one day… You choose to change your view on the subject.Continue reading “We are all artists”