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The name of things

We know the name of things
But do we know the name of feelings?

Drops of glowing water pouring inside our minds
We try to define them
With words

But do words know the depth of what is happening inside?


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Just the two of us

Copyright Marie Kléber

Kids love full houses. Voices. And people. And playing. Laughing. Games and big tables. Snacks and treats.

Maybe it’s the hardest part. The one that says, on a daily basis, it’s just the two of us.

Just him and me.

And seeing him missing something. The people. The voices. The fun. The funny part of life. Missing his friends as soon as we are back home. Missing his grand-parents as soon as they are back home.

When I feel down, I feel guilty.

But some days are good. Some days are even great fun. Just the two of us.

But I know he is in need of something more. So we go out. And spend days with family. And we meet people. And I try not to feel blue too often, or at least leave the blues for later. When he is in bed. And I remember the chance we have to be where we are.

We can never be sure to do it right.

We just try our best.

Isn’t it what we all do?

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Where we belong…

Copyright Marie Kléber

There will come a time
Whatever the road you chose
You will know
You are
Where you ought to be

Leaves dancing in the trees
Will remind you
Of a long-time dream buried
In the shadows
Of childhood memories

The opalescent stars
Carrying the names of lost ones
Will guide your steps
From a place of fear
To a place of love

You will know
There is nothing to lose
In this life
As nothing belongs to you

You can only be
And when you are
In this state of being
You are carrying the world
In a seashell made
Of gold and grace

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When it’s time

Copyright Marie Kléber

She left with the first train of the morning. She pushed the door, silently, holding her shoes in one hand and the bag with her belongings in the other. For she knew it was time. Time to turn a page, there was no more space for her in the relationship they had created.

No goodbye. She would not understand. She would believe it was fear, when it was only love taking its chance.

The moon could still be seen in the sky, covered with patches of light, stars shining, showing her the way. What would happen next? She had no idea. She was ready for a new life, but could not tell which one. She would ride to the north and wait. She would ask her heart whether to turn right of left. She had no plan. She would go with the wind, let it carry her wherever she meant to be.

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Dawn Serenade

Crédit Copyright Marie Kléber

Fields full of blueberry roses

Kids playing, multicolor dreams

Rays of sunshine, blue and green

Candy crush, chocolate cookies

Drops of lemonade

In coconut glasses

Euphoric vision

Metaphoric dream

Dawn serenade

Firework of senses