Where are You?

When nothing makes sense, I turn towards You.

But where are You? Are You hiding? So You don’t have to face my questions. Where are You when the world of so many is falling apart?

I recall. You are not that far. But how can I reach to You with all this mess around?

Are You kidding? Are You really the Master of Life and Death? How do You decide who shall live and who shall die?

I won’t ask You why? I know there is no answer to this question.

Every time, I feel like, it is breaking something inside. I must be made of millions and millions pieces of multiple shapes, cause I am still there, I still breath, my hears beats. I am alive. When there is nothing left , I will still have You? I hope.

I need trust. I need faith. I need to believe in something greater so I won’t dive into this space of emptiness. Will I ever get this? Will I ever understand why young people die? Just like this. In a blink of an eye.

Prayer is my only salvation…

It’s time to wish you…


It’s all about time

Or about not taking the time

I’d rather say it’s all about love

And sharing it

It’s all about gratitude

Or saying “thank you”

Not just in our hearts

But saying it out loud

Shouting it

And receiving wonderful more things

When doing so

It’s about You

Being here

Following me

Guiding me

Helping me

Inspiring me

It’s about yours words

Your beautiful soul

Your incredible talent

Your voice

Your light

Shining through the darkest moments

Healing my deepest wounds

It’s about taking the time

To recall what’s behind us

To dream about what’s awaiting us

To plan projects

To send wishes out to the world

I want to THANK YOU


A wonderful, joyful, true, inspiring year 2017

May you and your loved ones stay safe, at peace, in love

May each one of you achieved one of your greatest dreams

May you keep looking at life with faith and hope

May you keep writing and being true to who you are

May you reminder that you are important, precious, loved

May you stay connected to the Universe



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Hand in Hand for a New World


Take my hand

Sit down with me

We’re gonna share

Our stories

You’re gonna tell me

How to gain in confidence

I’m gonna tell you

How to feel blessed every day

You’re gonna tell me the secrets you hide


I’m gonna tell you who I am


You’re gonna cry – tears of joy

And I’m gonna cry too – tears of gratitude

We’re gonna share

A unique moment of friendship

Just you & me

In a bubble of peace

We’ll be safe to be


We’ll celebrate life

As it is

And GOD’s creation

Our bodies

The power within us

That can create amazing things

2016-05-24_10 58 50_resized


Hear my voice

Sit down with me

Under the Tulip Tree

With our freedom and our love


We’ll make a new world!

Another kind of prayer

When I don’t have time to stop

The crazy speed of my busy life

When I can’t stop the race

And sit down for a while

I remember

That you are there with me

In the folding, the washing, the cleaning

In the hoovering, the ironing, the sweeping

In the sheets to hang

In the beds to make

In the cooking madness

In the table to set

In the laundry basket

In the rushing around


You are there

I can then stop worrying

Stop feeling guilty

Not having enough time

To sit down and talk to you

To sit down and say thank you

I offer you my day

As a prayer

Credit Image – Amuse Bouches Tumblr

Christmas spirit

It was not in the air. Something to do with recent tragedies, or the fact that winter was not there yet? I don’t know. Something was missing in the atmosphere. Here and there, it looked like we were all searching it, the magic, the light and the extra joy that Christmas brings at the end of a busy and sometime tough year.


We kept looking for it in every encounter, every prayer, in every smile shared or gift prepared with love. Still, Christmas seemed out of touch.

Till it was time to celebrate.

Till we all stood in the little church of a small village, holding hands and singing, praising God for Jesus Birth miracle. It was our first Christmas mass together after many ups and downs, years of being apart, after darkness, sadness and pain, after loss and grief.

Christmas found me after all. God took my hand and told me “I am here. You don’t have to look for me in all these places, I am right here, close to your heart. I am in the wind, in the sky. I am in the flower you look at. I am in the air you breathe, in the friend you share time with. I am in your tears and in your outburst of joy. I am in your moment of despair and in your projects, new ideas. I am never far away. Just call for me and I come. I am here. You are never alone. Let the Light feel your heart. Let Mother Mary and Baby Jesus show you the way. Let them be your guide. Never doubt my Love. Never doubt yours. Love is all there is. There is nothing outside of it.”

Now tell me, how was YOUR Christmas?

The Best Blogs on the Rocks – The Faithful Butterflies

To say “I BELIEVE” in today’s world is kind of brave. Whatever you believe in. God. The Light. Jesus. The last Prophet. Buddha. Angels. Reincarnation. Resurrection…

These two words are a true act of faith. These two words come straight from the heart. These two words drive our daily life and our relationship with others.

These women are not afraid of saying “I BELIEVE”.

2015-01-20_11 42 15_resized (2)

First, there is Zarina, blogging @ http://muslim-women-exposed.blogspot.com/. I met her when searching about Islam and looking for true facts about what it is to be a Muslim Women. In France for example, most people are focusing on the negative aspects of religion. They tend to stigmatize Muslim women, without trying to understand them, their choice or their way of life. And then I met Zarina and the way I was thinking about Muslim women and Islam in general changed. She is inspiring me to look closely at the beauty of God’s creation, the preciousness of life and the importance of faith, cause when life is all upside down, turning towards God is the only way for us to find peace in the turmoil.

Let me introduce you now to Milena, blogging @ https://milenasgentlerain.wordpress.com/. Why do I love reading her words? Because they are like honey to my soul. Milena shares poems that she writes, about her feelings, her life, about healing, meditation and rebirth. We are all searching for something, loving, feeling afraid, being full of doubts, looking for peace and dealing with loss. We are a work in progress. She believes in a higher power, in the God and the Goddess, in the power of the Earth, in the Light we all carry within us.

I’ll finish with Itto – https://ittosjournal.wordpress.com/, living with her husband and her four children in the Moroccan Atlas. She created some years ago a school for the kids in the Mountains. She is inspiring in a way that she makes everything look beautiful, joyful, peaceful, and serene. That does not mean that life is a bed of roses. It only means that we are the creator of our lives and that, with the help of God, we can transform ourselves and the world.


Full stop. No need to say in what or who.

I BELIEVE and these 3 women made it possible for me to say these two words, after many years of inner doubts and worries.