Towards your dreams

@Marie Kléber

Don’t look behind
For it doesn’t hold
What you are looking for

Images fade away
Memories become dust
If you don’t nourish them

Look forward
Walk towards your dreams
If you wish to take something with you
May it be the best only!

The perfect scent of rain

Crédit Pixabay

Opening the window and smelling rain. It’s been a while. I missed the scent of it.

I see rain as a blessing, I see rain as a way to stop and just breath.

Just be in this moment of grace. Just feel life flowing inside.

Rainy days are not bad days. They are days full of love for and from Mother Earth.

Let’s rejoice in them!

Happy 2020!

We got one month, but let’s do it now!

First of all, thank you for your support and your words. Reading you feels so good in happy times and harsh ones too. We all know these fleeting moments of pure joy or complete despair. Knowing that we are never alone is such a special treat. Together we are stronger, always.

Time to wish you a beautiful, bright, joyful year 2020. I don’t know why but I love this number, all round and sweet. It gives me the sensation that the year is going to be positive and full of awesomness.

May 2020 keeps you and your loved ones in good health so you can enjoy every single moment. May it gives you projects to bring to life, dreams to dwell on, words to live by.

May it be a year of sharing good times and meeting new people, of travels and discoveries, of time doing the things you love, of finding your balance, your peace, of getting closer to who you are, of letting go when you can, of loving yourself – pure and unconditionnal love.

I wish you the best and even more!

Free scope of love

@ Marie Kléber

When I found myself
In the space where we are
Freed of all the things that keep us apart
Bodies and souls

Nothing to prove, nothing to hide

I seek to become one with you
Fiercely wanting you to possess me
Till my senses collapse
In a realm where you – only
Can reach out to me