When we talk about Happiness…

Be Happy, Be Happy, Be Happy
Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere

You can’t find a magazine or a book that don’t talk about it these days. And nobody to give a clear definition about what it is To Be Happy. 
Some give tips. Others advice to practice this or that. 
Some advice to quit the world. Others give up on Society to help them find this state of blissfulness. 
I don’t have a definition, but I would only say: 

Whatever you enjoy doing, DO IT

I don’t think there is a standard definition
It varies between people 
And nobody will ever see it the same way

If your passion is to be the best architect of the year, DO IT
If being a good mum is what matters to you, DO IT
If travelling the world is part of your dream, DO IT
If having a house full of kids and joy is what counts, DO IT

We don’t all have to be Nobel Prices or Human Rights defenders
We don’t all have to be wives and mums at home
We don’t all have to be stars of the Big Screen
We don’t all have to be anonymous

But we all have to find the road that will take us where we suppose to be and grow.  

Let your inner-peace spreads its light and shine around you, touch other people lives and hearts. 
As long as you are being you, following your path, keeping your faith alive and giving away what you have to offer  – Know that at the end of the day you will be able to define what it is to be happy.

All of you 

but with different words!

Tell me all about it………………….

And please let me remind you what His Holiness the Dalai Lama says:

“The Purpose of our lives is to be happy.”