Enjoying the ride!

Copyright Marie Kléber

You did not know

You could run till night fall
Aware of your feet hitting the ground
Bypassing obstacles on the way
Leting go of all expectations you may have had

Just enjoying the ride!


New Reality

I was standing there thinking how nice it was to be just there with you. I wondered if you felt the same way I did.

I was standing thinking that it was that simple, that all the chaos I entertained before was just a way to avoid reality – that reality. As if happiness was something out of reach, something too good enough for me. As if I was made for chaos and pain. Only.

I was standing there thanking you for writing with me this new chapter of our lives.

It’s time to wish you…


It’s all about time

Or about not taking the time

I’d rather say it’s all about love

And sharing it

It’s all about gratitude

Or saying “thank you”

Not just in our hearts

But saying it out loud

Shouting it

And receiving wonderful more things

When doing so

It’s about You

Being here

Following me

Guiding me

Helping me

Inspiring me

It’s about yours words

Your beautiful soul

Your incredible talent

Your voice

Your light

Shining through the darkest moments

Healing my deepest wounds

It’s about taking the time

To recall what’s behind us

To dream about what’s awaiting us

To plan projects

To send wishes out to the world

I want to THANK YOU


A wonderful, joyful, true, inspiring year 2017

May you and your loved ones stay safe, at peace, in love

May each one of you achieved one of your greatest dreams

May you keep looking at life with faith and hope

May you keep writing and being true to who you are

May you reminder that you are important, precious, loved

May you stay connected to the Universe



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Friends (for better & worse)

Yesterday I read a wonderful text on friendship (I invite you to visit Chris blog to know all about it).

We tend to say that we recognize who our friends are when experiencing dark hours, when crossing the most dangerous roads of our life. I do believe it’s true.

But at the same time I’d like to think that we recognize our good friends in times of joy too. You know the friends with whom you can share your most incredible dreams, your wonderful news and your amazing projects – the kind of friends who encourage you and celebrate life by your side.

We too often wait till something bad happens to say “I’m there. I love you”. We tend to say “tomorrow” or “another day” when we think about phone calls or letters.

Many of my friends are unfortunately living quite far away. We don’t see each other much. I do miss this. I miss the contact. I miss the endless talking, chatting and gossiping sometimes (for fun). I miss the “I’m around, can I come for a coffee?”

I miss the laughs, the secrets we share, the memories we like to look at when turning the pages of a photo album. I miss seeing our kids playing together. I miss special time around a good meal.

I miss my friends so much that I don’t want to wait till something breaks in their life, leaving them empty and scared. I want to be there for the happy days too. So every now and then I send a card, a sweet message. I give a phone call, even a short one. And when I can, I book a trip to visit.


One day it’ll be too late to tell others how much they mean to us, how much they count, how much their friendship is inspiring and precious.

Some of my friends don’t think like I do. They don’t like cards, don’t like calling. They don’t come to visit. Some have excuses. Some don’t.  It worked for me till today. But still I need more contact, more face to face, more friends to share the daily grace and the crazy hours.

What about your friends? Do you see them? What makes you crazy about them?

Blessed Time

I am back

And you know what?

For the first time, I took the time

No deadline

No “I have to do”

I enjoyed the moment

Right in the morning, when taking my breakfast looking at the sea

When walking on the beach

Or taking a pause to enter a church and say a prayer

Even watching my little one playing with old toys, found in the attic

No book

No paper

No camera

Just be

I tend to think that I do this all the time

I don’t

I am just good at persuading myself that I do it

That I excel in it

When I just struggle to be in the present.

Long talks with friends

And laughing

Laughing a lot

And realising that life does not have to be so hard

I don’t have to be so perfect

Best friends are the best to remind you that you are just perfect the way you are

You don’t have to fake with them

You don’t have to pretend

You just have to take a chocolate bar, a piece of bread and eat it under the sun, feeling you are invincible

And gorgeous too!

2015-08-28_12 04 11_resized

A bit of time for myself too

Go for a walk, a bicycle ride

Meet new babies

Enjoy kids playing together

Looking at little ones growing up

So fast

Too fast

And yet thinking it’s life and all is just perfect this way

Watching them learning on their own and be ready to let go of your hand a bit more every day

Seeing them be free and at peace and ready for the next step and running towards you for a hug when you least expect it

Hard days too

When you feel you can’t handle tantrums anymore

And finally being able to relax and enjoy the evening story.



In harmony with nature, the sun, the rain, little birds, the sand, the clouds

Looking at life with different eyes

And feeling really blessed for the first time in a long time…


And you, tell me all about your holiday?