Best Book

I looked at Anne Lamott, Bird by bird, on the shelf and I knew it’s time again. To indulge in the truth of her writing, to let go of expectations and come back to the only thing that makes sense: the white page and the will to express feelings, share stories, tell something that we are many to see, but I’m the only one to see the way I do.

This book is like my bible, my refuge, my place of choice when tides are high and when I doubt. Which happens quite often!

This book is where I know I will find what I need to move on. The world will seem once again like an amazing scene with so many things to discuss. The world will open to me and I will open to it, fully aware that it was always there, I just forgot about it, too focused on the wrong, the loss, the scary.

I took Anne Lamott with me this morning and already I witness the magic!

Tell me do you have such a book? Which book takes you back on track, gives you direction when you feel like you’re loosing it all? I a quite curious to know…

Are we ready?

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Darkness has its own way
To come and go

Despite the chaos
We are many
To hang on to it
Feeling secure
Part of a community

As if darkness was a friend
That help us belong
To a wide community of
Shadow dancers
Terrified by natural lights

A colored world
Such an hopeful wish
But are we ready
To embrace its beauty?

Are we ready
For darkness to be part of the deal
Just not everything?
Are we ready to let go
Of what makes us shiver?
Are we ready to be searchers of light
In a world full of grey clouds?