My midnight blues, Snapshots of my life

Wherever I wander

Copyright Marie Kléber

Wherever I wander

Glowing days, misty nightmares

Metaphoric dreams, fluttering doubts

Chaos taking over, tears flowing

Peaceful sunsets, cheerful sunrises

Wherever I wander

You are standing there

Giving me the space

To talk, to heal, to be silent, to mend my heart

To rejoice, to be thankful, to taste each whisper

That takes me closer to you

Wherever I wander

I am surrounded by the breadth of your love

The goodness of your heart

Wherever I wander

I feel deeply blessed.

Mister Pop, Snapshots of my life

Our new family balance

Copyright Marie Kléber

I like days spent at the park just outside home. Kids playing. I love watching them.

I remember the first time we came here, his first steps on this ground. He would not let go of my hand. He’d rather like me to go down the slide with him, make sandcastles and build games with leaves and chestnuts.

Now as soon as we step inside this space, he is running towards his friends. If nobody is there, he’s confident enough to play on his own or make new friends.

When I stop and take the time to look at him, I breath in the knowledge that we found her balance by walking at our own pace.