About Love

My love went through tough times
Doubts that grow with tears
Like waves crashing against the pier
Leaving emptiness behind

My heart became rock
A star without light
Grey stone with red marks
And nothing to stand for

My love came back
A curious twist of fate
Iris recognition

My heart turned blue
Shades of gravity
Optical bliss

Despite the silence

Awake at night
I wish I could feel
Your breath against
My bare skin

I keep your absence
At a distance
By fear of scars
Messing with the present

I wish I could
Sweep them away
I wish I could
Erase darkness

Just like this
Just with the power
Of my thoughts

But at times
It’s back and with it
Chaos and Tears

I don’t seem to be able
To master them
So I fall with them

I escape the world
I move away from your touch
I let silence do the talking

I am grieving, alone
So you won’t have to take care
Of my broken soul
Once again