Writing Prompt #9

It it feels like the wind Is trying to tell you something Don’t be afraid Angels have many ways To get in touch Just listen to the music And let it sink in Angels vibes Have the power to heal Your deepest wounds This is my piece of poetry as part of Writing Prompt proposedContinue reading “Writing Prompt #9”

Writing prompt #2

You came and you lifted the veil. From one generation to the other, we were girls. We carried the burdens of the past. We could feel strings taking us back, when we tried to move on and build our life. We were like flowers ready to bloom and wiped out by a wind of memories. Continue reading “Writing prompt #2”

Grand-father blessing(s)

Days come and go. You are somewhere and everywhere. Never too far away. What days look like when you are not part of the world anymore, when you wander in galaxies, sky and stars, no limit? What do you do for hours when there is no more agenda, no night and light, when wholeness andContinue reading “Grand-father blessing(s)”

Your Magic

I made a wish of you Night moving across a sky Full of ghosts You were somewhere Loving someone Where would we meet? When? You are Wherever I am Feeding my soul Peacing my dreams I feel you Finding your way Bringing my flesh To life again My hands moving The sweetness of my skinContinue reading “Your Magic”