My midnight blues, Snapshots of my life


Copyright Marie Kleber

Green leaves sunbathing

Sending gold energy

To the earth

My midnight blues, Snapshots of my life

Free Spirit

Copyright Marie Kléber

As she stepped out of darkness

Finding her way inside the space

She shares with him

She stepped into the light

The one he knew belong to her

Before she chose to conceal it

And appear to the world

Naked and free

My midnight blues

I want you

Copyright Marie Kléber

I want you

Not just your body

Not just the way you make me feel when you touch my skin

And take me to the borders of intense pleasure

Near the river where our energies meet in fusion

I want you

In every inch of my body

Every pause of my breath

Every silence of my heart

I want you

Deep down

Where heartbeats sing a melody

That nobody can hear

Except you and me

I want you

I want to melt into you

Till I feel tears I can’t contain

Wash away every pain

And our love shines in the break of light

That set darkness on fire.