Sweet Holiday Time


It’s like a dream

An enchanted melody

A wish silently whispered

Images dancing between the eyes

And the screen

It’s like a song

A sweet longing

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It’s a tender string of happy days

Postcards telling stories

Love shared

Under the fresh shade of a tree

It’s like a lullaby

A sweet memory

Dancing Leaves

To be true, I’ve always been tempted by writing Haikus, without trying. It is a beautiful and peaceful form of poerty but, from outside, it looks quite difficult. As I admire people who, one day, step out of their comfort zone and try something new, I decided it was my turn to step into the unknown and have a go.

I am surrounded by nature at work and it’s by looking at the trees outside that I got the idea. I am not 100% sure that my Haiku is correct and follow all the rules but it’s a first try and to be true I am quite happy with what I came up with. If you know a bit about Haiku, feel free to comment and make any suggestions!

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Sweet breath of the wind

Green leaves dancing on the trees

Whispering secrets 

Best Moments of my Weekend – Brittany

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IMGP6472 IMGP6479 IMGP6409 IMGP6419

I spent a weekend with my friends in Brittany, a Girls’ weekend. We tend to do one every three months. We love being with each other. We love rejoicing in the now. We talk, share, laugh and cry sometimes too.

I felt full of life after these two days. I came back home, knowing I was just where I should be. Today is the only day that matters. I am free.

Taste of spring

The sun is back. And we enjoyed a beautiful weekend.

Spring comes with a special atmosphere. The days are longer and the smell in the air is fresh and sweet. The wind doesn’t carry cold anymore.


While walking in the streets with Mister Pop, I came to realized that I am a girl of mid-seasons. I like all seasons, as each one prepares us for the next one. When we accept nature cycle, we can see the benefits for our lives too.

But the seasons I prefer are autumn and spring. I feel refreshed. I feel every one of my dreams is possible. These seasons bring the best out of me. I feel connected to Mother Earth. I am more grateful or able to see the bigger picture.

With winter come the cold days. And my only way to get through them is to create a cosy home, to stay inside, under blankets, with comfy clothes and spiced tea, to read and find ideas to be crafty behind closed doors.

With summer come the warm or hot days. I like to stay in the shade, wear long skirts, swim, cycle and dance. I enjoy long walks when the sun is about to go to sleep and I laugh at baby steps on the grass or in the sand.

Each season is special.

All is done beautifully. The perfection of the natural process is something to be grateful for. If we can rejoice in the peace that each season is offering us, we can fully embrace the purpose of our life and blossom.

What is your favorite season or what do you feel when spring comes?

Credit Image – Pinterest