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Motherhood guilt

Broken glasses
Shattering pieces of a dream

Your heart pounding fast
The shivers of his cries

Motherhood makes you vulnerable
You wish you could dive
Into a place
Where guilt will leave you in peace

But it’s guilt that will allow you
To overcome the darkness
Of your deepest weakness


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When it’s time

Copyright Marie Kléber

She left with the first train of the morning. She pushed the door, silently, holding her shoes in one hand and the bag with her belongings in the other. For she knew it was time. Time to turn a page, there was no more space for her in the relationship they had created.

No goodbye. She would not understand. She would believe it was fear, when it was only love taking its chance.

The moon could still be seen in the sky, covered with patches of light, stars shining, showing her the way. What would happen next? She had no idea. She was ready for a new life, but could not tell which one. She would ride to the north and wait. She would ask her heart whether to turn right of left. She had no plan. She would go with the wind, let it carry her wherever she meant to be.

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Divorce matters & Dating life

Yesterday, I did something unusual. I went out for dinner with a guy. Oh I know, this is not something that crazy but after being single for 4 years and haven’t even been kissed, touched, looked at during these 4 years, I can tell you that this was a big step for me.

In fact the man is single with two kids but not yet divorced. And you could see it on this face. He’s devastated. Nice but completely overwhelmed by his new status – seven months is new when you talk about divorce. He has two kids, younger than mine. I let you imagine the earthquake this could be!

He tried is best and we had a nice evening. When looking at him, I saw myself 3 years ago, completely stoned and distressed. I realized that I moved on, I am at a different phase now. I am done with my divorce and my ex. I am done with my messy life and my messy thoughts. I feel happy and blessed. But I know it takes time to grieve and let go of all the things we thought would last a lifetime.

It’s a bit rude to say that but I went back home lighter, knowing the worst was behind and that I was now up to the best part of my life. Maybe it even helped me understand that I would like to meet someone, fall in love, that I am ready to open my heart again, after locking it for many years, in case somebody would steal my broken, not yet mended pieces and play with them again.

How? I don’t have a clue. How you meet new people? How you get back to dating life? I don’t have a clue. I am just feeling like it’s something I would like to try. I am just feeling safe and confident enough to give it a go. We’ll see!

Tell me Ladies, when and how did you get back dating after your divorce or a breakup? How did you meet your spouse or boyfriend? Any advice is more than welcome!