One Wish

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I had many wishes for many years
Dreams penned on coloured papers
Promises held in hands
Full of hope

Images of what life could be if…

2021 and one only
Peace at home after all
No more pain and tears
The energy to manage hardships

Yes peace in the place where
We ought to be
Without a painted smile
Free for once

2021 and one wish
Understanding you at last
So we don’t miss a chance
So we don’t spend our life fighting
Speaking words crushing our hearts in pieces

One wish for you and me
If there is any way, it can come true
So may it be…

As for you my readers, I wish you a bright and peaceful, rich and blessed year 2021! Stay safe and keep spreading love through your words.

Happy 2020!

We got one month, but let’s do it now!

First of all, thank you for your support and your words. Reading you feels so good in happy times and harsh ones too. We all know these fleeting moments of pure joy or complete despair. Knowing that we are never alone is such a special treat. Together we are stronger, always.

Time to wish you a beautiful, bright, joyful year 2020. I don’t know why but I love this number, all round and sweet. It gives me the sensation that the year is going to be positive and full of awesomness.

May 2020 keeps you and your loved ones in good health so you can enjoy every single moment. May it gives you projects to bring to life, dreams to dwell on, words to live by.

May it be a year of sharing good times and meeting new people, of travels and discoveries, of time doing the things you love, of finding your balance, your peace, of getting closer to who you are, of letting go when you can, of loving yourself – pure and unconditionnal love.

I wish you the best and even more!

My wishes for you

Crédit Marie Kléber

Wishes are flying all over the place
Here and there
Wishes of peace, light, love and wellness

I wish you this and more
I wish you a creative year
A year of words, sunny views on the fields of your dreams

A year of being you
You with your scars and your downs
Your moments of grace

A year of being fully present to the moment
Ready to embrace the new
To let go of all the things that don’t serve you anymore

A year of love
Loving you
And saying “I love you”

Knowing deep down that you are beautiful
Love and loving
And loveable if you still doubt it

I wish you a wonderful year!
Stay blessed my friends and thank you for being part of this wonderful journey.

Simple things about my life

It’s the new year, time to reflect on what happened in 2013 and keep only the positive and beautiful:

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Birth of Mister Pop

Strong friends from every corner of the world

Messages / comments of love

New start (rebuilding in process)

Family connection

Interfaith dialogue (in process)

The chance to write again

Finding some peace

Getting rid of feelings of guilt and anger

Leaving my place of abuse

Books discoveries

Smiles, laughs and memories

Time for you to tell me the things you loved in 2013…

Great Words – Hard Practice

I started 2012 with great words in mind:
SURRENDER                                       HUMILITY                                                        LET GO
                    PATIENCE                                                                             LET IT BE
                                                LOVE                                    FAITH
STILL YOUR MIND                            PAUSE/REST                  NOURISH YOUR SOUL
Great ideas at the start of a new year. Nine months later I still struggle with most of them. But it’s never too late to start, so slowly I try to LET GO of any thoughts that don’t serve me, of any idea that hurt me, of any worries that darken my days. It’s a daily job that requires lots of practice. I fail miserably some days, sometime I fail every single day of the week. But is this the most important?
I don’t think so. I think the most important is to recognize it and change things, right at the moment I know I am on the wrong road. There is no space for regrets in this daily practice, no place for maybe or maybe not. There is no time better than NOW to make things work, to improve.
So I keep going with these words in my mind, I take the risk to fail and the risk to win a battle too. And I make sure to celebrate every single struggle, even the tiniest one because without this one I will never progress.
And you, tell me which words you have a hard time with? And how you handle it?