My midnight blues, Snapshots of my life

One smile away

Crédit Marie Kléber

One breath away from your smile

Joy upon the days

Peace inside the nights

The key to my heart

My midnight blues

The woman inside

Crédit – Pixabay

She is the gold inside

The winner of the game

She is the precious smile

The holder of values

She breaks free

Whenever she feels trapped

She could find her place

In Paradise

She is the passion inside

The writer in the shade

She stands still

Whenever the sky turns dark

She is the shadow

Behind the veil of time

She is the treasure inside

The fire freeing the soul

She is the key keeper

The fairy dust on the shade

Whenever she loses track of time

She finds peace within

Her own place of safety

My midnight blues, My Religion is Love

Orlando Blues

I feel for the mothers

For their cries in the dark

I feel for the fathers

For the deep pain in their heart

I feel for the brothers, the sisters, the neighbors

For the memory they treasure

Of a young guy coming home

Being free to love

I feel for the killer

For his lack of self-love

I feel for his family

For the loss of innocence

I feel for the wounded

For the ones who survived

I feel for the dead

For their bodies lost in bloodshed

I feel for the world

For the ones feeling empty and scared

I feel for the world

For the ones who don’t care

I feel for the world

For the ones shouting back

Let us live in Peace

Let us free to be who we are.


I pray for the Orlando Victims of Human Madness