Over anger

She thinks she’s right Getting, at least, to the bottom of it But then realizing that she is missing something There’s no confort in knowing others are suffering She’d better off to find inside What her true feelings are In between, they will meet Just two lives connecting Over anger Towards peace

My wishes for you

Wishes are flying all over the place Here and there Wishes of peace, light, love and wellness I wish you this and more I wish you a creative year A year of words, sunny views on the fields of your dreams A year of being you You with your scars and your downs Your momentsContinue reading “My wishes for you”

Walk by the shore

Take my hand I’ll show you the world My world The empty spaces in my dreams The heavy clouds in my nights The happy smiles in my days The waves crashing against the rocks You’ll see how beautiful it is When you stand still and breathe deeply Knowing there is no other place You’d likeContinue reading “Walk by the shore”

The woman inside

She is the gold inside The winner of the game She is the precious smile The holder of values She breaks free Whenever she feels trapped She could find her place In Paradise She is the passion inside The writer in the shade She stands still Whenever the sky turns dark She is the shadowContinue reading “The woman inside”

Orlando Blues

I feel for the mothers For their cries in the dark I feel for the fathers For the deep pain in their heart I feel for the brothers, the sisters, the neighbors For the memory they treasure Of a young guy coming home Being free to love ♦ I feel for the killer For hisContinue reading “Orlando Blues”