Motherhood guilt

Broken glasses
Shattering pieces of a dream

Your heart pounding fast
The shivers of his cries

Motherhood makes you vulnerable
You wish you could dive
Into a place
Where guilt will leave you in peace

But it’s guilt that will allow you
To overcome the darkness
Of your deepest weakness


Where we belong…

Copyright Marie Kléber

There will come a time
Whatever the road you chose
You will know
You are
Where you ought to be

Leaves dancing in the trees
Will remind you
Of a long-time dream buried
In the shadows
Of childhood memories

The opalescent stars
Carrying the names of lost ones
Will guide your steps
From a place of fear
To a place of love

You will know
There is nothing to lose
In this life
As nothing belongs to you

You can only be
And when you are
In this state of being
You are carrying the world
In a seashell made
Of gold and grace