The perfect scent of rain

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Opening the window and smelling rain. It’s been a while. I missed the scent of it.

I see rain as a blessing, I see rain as a way to stop and just breath.

Just be in this moment of grace. Just feel life flowing inside.

Rainy days are not bad days. They are days full of love for and from Mother Earth.

Let’s rejoice in them!

Rainy days

Copyright Marie Kléber

We can call it a day

You know days. They come and go.

Do we remember each one of them in the vastness of life?

Or do we keep only ones, ones with a difference. Ones with something special. Memories we keep in mind and revisit when we feel like

it’s time to remember something. So other things can make sense.

And when nothing make sense, maybe it’s good to look outside and watch nature unfolding its treasures. Just un front of our eyes.

They say that green is the color of hope. Green is everywhere these days,. Surely, we miss the sun. But rain is giving us this brightness, these colors, so we can breath in the power of nature revealing itself, blooming.

I am like everybody else, I like the warmth of yellow sparks. But I also love the music of the rain, the scent of it, the freshness, I like being in and out, celebrating with nature, watching kids jumping in puddles, with a bright smile on their faces. I love being with people not scared about it. So we can enjoy and feel free together.

Rain is like magical powder that chase away my deepest fears and pains.

How do you feel about rain? Tell me all about it my friends…

Rain in May

On the right

People rushing

Under the dark sky

Umbrellas dying

At the feet of kids

Jumping with their wellies

In large puddles

On the sloppy ground


On the left

Nature opening

Its heart

To welcome the day

Flowers blooming with grace

Green fields blazing

Under the enchanting drops

Coming from the cloudy sky


In the middle of the crowd

Crazy people

Cursing the dark clouds

Looking at the watery bubbles

Crashing down

Like nuclear weapons

Bombing their lives


What a funny scene

On a gloomy day!

Credit Image – Maboulunette Tumblr

Long-time dream

Looking at the sky

Its clouds turning dark

The first drop of rain

Caressing my skin

Around people run

Trying to escape the storm coming

Staring at the sky

Its lightning not so far

Another drop of rain

Running on my arm

Around people

In shocking panic

Trying to hide from the storm coming

Glaring at the sky

Its thunder clap

Rain pouring

Around people

Wondering why


Under the rain

Only silence

And my feelings

A long-time dream

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