Step by step

Copyright Marie Kléber

(It was like this before
I would stay behind
I would not ask
I would keep my voice down
I would say “I understand”
And not getting anything of what was said

Just so I won’t feel vulnerable

It was like this before
People laughing
Kids playing
Teachers pointing at me
Bad marks
Unhappy feelings

It was like this before
Fitting in
Staying unseen
Playing it by the rules
Ackowledging mistakes I didn’t make

Every step is a change
In a new direction
Allowing myself to be
And yet

Every day I release old scars
Moving on to brighter days
Where being myself
Is not seen as a failure

The time will come to bloom

Copyright Marie Kléber

Leaves bathing in Gold
As the sun is high in the sky
From my window

I treasure the sight
As my days are passing by

Slow motion of emotions
In the working place
Nothing here makes sense

When outside the world
Is waiting for me
To bloom, and shine, and be

Season’s changes

Copyright Marie Kléber

We knew it was about to happen
Green leaves turning gold or red
Temperatures would drop
Rain would come
Darkness would take over earlier
And we would find ourselves stuck under blankets
Sipping hot beverage and finding solace
In the season’s changes