Our truth lies within darkness

There is something inside That we hide Something we don’t want others to see We don’t want to know It could burn our eyes It could destroy the image we have There is a part of darkness A stream of shadows Hanging around There is unfolded nightmares Anger and violence Jealousy and pain Until weContinue reading “Our truth lies within darkness”

In Between…

Between security and chaos I stand Still at times Like a tightrope walker Unaware of the empty space Under my feet Confident in my skills Wearing joy and serenity like a second skin Lost at times Like a defensless warrior Emotions taking me down Making me vulnerable Full of insecurities Feeling trapped in my ownContinue reading “In Between…”

Happy 2020!

We got one month, but let’s do it now! First of all, thank you for your support and your words. Reading you feels so good in happy times and harsh ones too. We all know these fleeting moments of pure joy or complete despair. Knowing that we are never alone is such a special treat.Continue reading “Happy 2020!”

Learning always…

I am learning. The ups and downs. In search of my balance always. Every day, acknowledging what’s working and what’s not. The need to get in touch with me and the failure of not being able to do so. Most of the time. Except maybe when silence is on play, when lights are down. IContinue reading “Learning always…”

Let me be…me

Let me breath Let me be Not the way you imagined me Just the way I am Messy at times Unsure of what to say And how to say it Loud and insecure Raising my voice against things You think are not worth fighting for Let me see the best in others Even if youContinue reading “Let me be…me”

Finding the balance

This year my word is Be Kind (To myself mostly). Over the past years I realized that it was important for me to get to know who I am, to love myself (without condition), to create my space, to find some “me” time, so I could deal with motherhood, work, daily life peacefully and withContinue reading “Finding the balance”