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There are million ways to express ourselves…

Trying my hands at painting these days. No words, just silence to welcome the inspiration. Whatever it is…

Copyright Marie Kléber
Copyright Marie Kléber

What is your way?

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You & Me – The chaos & The grace – Darkness and Love again…

You were at the beginning of all time.

I used to pray and laugh and feel blessed. I used to talk to you. Day and night. I used to find solace when I turned my face towards you and you would smile back.

And then I lose track…

I thought you could be contained. In a religion. In a group. I looked for you in every place, every space. What happened? I don’t know. I started listening to other voices. It was the beginning of a search that took me to the edge. Deep darkness.

It felt like everything I knew was gone.

It felt like you were gone.

I read and prayed. I was lost. I lied to myself so many times. I thought I could catch you. In a place. In a book. Nonsense.

I tried and tried. I got tired, took roads which were not for me to walk. I tried to fit in. Fit in a mess that wasn’t mine. Fit in thoughts that I’d not agree with.

I cried.

I called for you. I shouted at you. Why? Why? Why?

Nightmares would last and you were nowhere to be found.

And then, one day, I decided to let go. I could not walk anymore. I could not breathe anymore. I started to remember the girl I was once.

And you were there. You never left. You just waited for me to be ready to see you again.

You were in the silence of my heart. And the fragrance of my soul.

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I want you

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I want you

Not just your body

Not just the way you make me feel when you touch my skin

And take me to the borders of intense pleasure

Near the river where our energies meet in fusion

I want you

In every inch of my body

Every pause of my breath

Every silence of my heart

I want you

Deep down

Where heartbeats sing a melody

That nobody can hear

Except you and me

I want you

I want to melt into you

Till I feel tears I can’t contain

Wash away every pain

And our love shines in the break of light

That set darkness on fire.

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It’s burning inside

The flow of passion

Consuming her attention

She let go

Free herself from centuries

Of oppresion

Men trying to control

Her pleasure

She takes back

What she owns

Her body

Her sexuality

Her freedom to BE

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Hold me tight


Take me in your arms

Hold me tight

May we embrace the silence

May we allow ourselves

For you to be you

And I to be me

Without wanting anything else

Without letting our minds wander

In spaces

May we surrender to the power

Of our breaths

Creating shapes of vapor

In the fresh air

May we let lust and passion


Just for us to live fully

This moment of grace

Come close

Take me in your arms

Let me hold you tight

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Early goodbye

They are tying their hands together

Looking at the sunshine

They never thought

It could shine again


Footsteps on the ground

Heaviness of their mind

And the silence

After the first cry

Too much blood

And running around

Too many white shirts

And deaf sounds

Life is gone

One shot of pain


Bodies left, with invisible scars


They said their love would save their life

They were right

Only love could protect them

From this early goodbye

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Treasuring the Silence

Breath in the silence


Let it flow inside you

Let it make peace with your feelings, emotions

Let it overcome your fears

Let it push yourself gently, with ease

Let it heal your heart

Let it make space

Let it talk to you

Let it make you feel grateful

Let it free you of suffering

Let it calm your mind

Let it pacify your crazy thoughts

Let it unravel your passions

Let it pursue its dream inside your body

Let it give you the strength you need

Let it be in you, inside you

Let it flow into your veins

Let it transform your pain

Let it deeply change you

Let it show you the bright light

Let it take your hand for a while

Let it guide you to God


Welcome the silence in your life

And breathe



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The right equation

Like me, sometime you might want to have a magic wand in order to save people you love or to change one’s situation.

Like me, sometime you might want to have the right words, to say the right thing at the right time.

Like me, sometime you might feel helpless in front of sadness and tears.

Like me, sometime you might wish you could have super powers or you might think that you are not doing enough to help the ones in need.

But let me tell you something.

When I was down, when I was out of control, when I would only pray for God to take me away, when I felt completely empty and lost, it’s to know that you were all around me, which saved me. There was no right word, no magic wand that could have taken away the pain. It’s to have family and friends around, ready to listen to the same words again and again. It’s to have my parents beside me, holding my hands, listening to my empty cries. It’s you, by your presence and your silence, your love and your friendship, who saved me, who helped me to stand back on my two feet and get going.

One does not need many words to feel safe. 

Listen, love and be there.


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